Because the cadres are allegedly aging and the Maoists are having difficulties in recruiting educated offspring, the bourgeois press claims that the CPI(Maoist) in India is planning negotiating talks with the old Indian state.

This information is said to come from recent fire exchanges between Maoists and the armed forces of the old state. In addition to the aging cadres, the decrease in membership of the Central Committee and the Politburo, and the success and the strength of the anti-Maoist forces and their operations, should be responsible for this "change in strategy". But what does this incident really mean? Some individual called by the bourgeois "Maoist ideologue" had a scribal advocating negotiations with the government. Whether this individual in any way represents the CPI (Maoist) is not even known. But even if this incident really happened as the bourgeois press reported (and what can’t be forgotten is that one can also fake documents and such an incident can easily be invented in order to demoralize the masses, and lies are spread by the bourgeoisie constantly), then it’s an expression of revisionism and opportunism, hiding under the guise of Maoism. Because a true Maoist doesn’t betray his ideology at the negotiating table with the old state, because he knows that there’s nothing to win thats not already won on the battlefield. He knows that victory comes only through the people's war, by destroying the old state. Revisionism is always the most dangerous enemy of the Maoists, because it tries to blur these truths. Therefore, revisionist tendencies must always be resolutely pursued, the dividing line must be clearly drawn and revisionism always denounced. Because then the masses will know who really is acting in their interests and who only haggle with their worries and needs.