In the district of Tepecik (Konak) in the Izmir region, the police cut off the electricity to the Roma living there, who could no longer pay their bills, in the wake of a raid. The residents protested with gas lamps and tubes against being deprived of the basis for illumination, but especially also for heaters, in the midst of winter.

Militarily, U.S. imperialism has largely failed in its goal of wresting Syria from Russian imperialism and expanding its own dominance. However, the fact that the regime under Assad has regained control over large parts of the country is no reason for the Yankees to give up completely. As recently as June 2020, in the midst of the Corona Pademie, they imposed the „Caesar Act“. It means economic sanctions on any person or company around the world doing business, of any kind, with Syria.

In the past weeks we have reported among other things about the lies concerning possible successes of the reaction in People's War in India. The fact that these are largely faked is strengthened by the fact that the reaction has to reinforce and to upgrade their armoury for their fight against People's War and the terror against the people.

Militants of the TKP/ML have hung a "bomb banner" - a banner with an attached explosive device - in Istanbul-Küçükçekmece on 15 January in memory of comrades Nubar, Özgür, Deniz, Rosa, Asmin and Muharrem who died in the People's War. Commenting on the action, the class consciousness and class hate of the fallen comrades were underlined, especially the resoluteness that could not be taken over "half a century in the history of the party. Now is the time to muster the will, courage and perseverance of the struggle our comrades left us."

Also the last week some actions were carried out in the People´s War in India, led by the CPI(Maoist). Some of them we want to reflect in the following.

In the following we want to give a short brief on the recent actions and actual developments in Peolple´s War in India led by the CPI(Maoist) and also on the apparent media campaign of the reaction.

Over the past few days, there have been important political actions in Istanbul. At the Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, the "leading" university in Turkey, protests and lecture boycotts have been taking place for days against the installation of a new rector (Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu), who is known for being notably pro-government and reactionary. The protesting students were met with massive repression:

Traditionally, the armed struggle of the New People's Army (NPA) in the Phillipines is quite quiet in December. Nevertheless, the NPA is said to have carried out three attacks on security forces of the reactionary state the in last weeks.