For more than two years, the people of the village of Dibekli in the district of Diyadin in eastern Turkey have been fighting against the construction of a marble quarry, which finally began a few days ago. To this end, officials were sent to the village some time ago to tell the residents that their homes would fall victim to the new construction work and that they should please leave them.

In the following we want to give a short brief on some further actions, suspected carried out by the New People´s Army (NPA).

In the following we want to give s a short brief on some recent actions against the old Philippine state, (suspected) carried out by the New People´s Army.

After a military operation in the rural district of Kurşunlu (Pirejman) in the Diyarbakir district of south-eastern Turkey, a fire broke out on the foothills of Mount Görese on 1st of June. With the influence of the wind, it spread to two villages in another district.

In the following we want to give a short overview of the current developments and occurrences in the People's War in India, led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI(Maoist)].

The lobbyists of the status quo like to claim that the semi-colonies are not only exploited but also developed by the integration into the imperialist world order. "Trickle down", they say, is the magic word - where wealth is increased, something increasingly falls off for the masses. For entire regions in semi-colonies such as Indonesia or Malaysia, however, only one thing falls out - garbage. And this is becoming more and more since China has refused to import household waste since 2018.

Already last week we reported about the protests of the villagers in Silgar area of Chhattisgarh's Sukma district against the Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) camp just established there. Despite the massacre a week ago by the reactionary security forces of the old Indian state, the people's protest continues.

In the following we want to give a short brief of the most important current events in the People's War in India.