Already on the 16th of September, the French Minister of the Interior announced a new amendment to the law, which has now been discussed in the National Assembly on the 17th of November.

We share a video-message of the Red Women's Committee for 25th of November 2020.

On November 28, 1820, Friedrich Engels was born in Barmen, went to school in the adjacent Elberfeld (both are today part of the city of Wuppertal) and there also participated in the armed struggle. On occasion of his 200th birthday, a manifestation will take place upcoming Saturday, in which also Maoists from the FRG participate. Henceforth we document the call:

In the wake of the verdict in the July trial of the ten revolutionaries accused of membership in the TKP/ML, the German state continues its repression in an openly arbitrary and best anti-Communist manner. Deportation processes have been initiated in Nuremberg against Dr. Sinan Aydin, who has been living and working in Germany since 2012, and Dr. Dilay Banu Büyükavcı, who has been living and a practicing as psychiatrist in Germany since 2004, without regard to appeal or a reasoned court decision.

After hundreds had rebelled against police harassment in Stuttgart during the night of June 21, the bourgeois news was full of horror stories about the so-called "night of riots". It was always claimed that these were apolitical riots and those responsible were sometimes claimed to be leftists and sometimes the Stuttgart party scene. The actual cause, however, was a racist police control and the extremely aggressive appearance of the cops.

The Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, Strobl, has proposed to send all people with corona infection or suspected of having it to a special hospital if they do not stay at home. A former lung clinic in St. Blasien in the Black Forest is supposed to be used as a closed institution for this purpose.

He refers to paragraph 30 of the Infection Protection Act, according to which infected people and people suspected of being infected may be "forcibly segregated". In other words, they can be imprisoned.

The US-concern Amazon is a winner in this crisis. Not being effected by the closed retailstores, more and more shipments are sent through the whole world.

In Bremen, a Graffiti was painted in honor of Comrade Joselo, one of the founders and great fighter of the Communist Party of Ecuador-Red Sun. We hereby publish the pictures that were sent to us.