Bobbie is not ashamed anymore to show us his true nature. The revisionist Bob Avakian groupies, who call themselves revolutionary communists have always been nothing more than the intellectual appendix of the Democratic Party, nontheless this new statement is an important revelation.

El 1 de Agosto tuvieron lugar en Hamburgo dos acciones contra la represión contra el movimiento revolucionario en Turquía. Aquí se reunieron revolucionarios de Turquía y de la RFA temprano en la tarde ante la prisión preventiva en Holstenglacis en el centro de Hamburgo donde se encuentra encarcelado el preso revolucionario Erdal Gökulu. Erdal se encuentra en huelga de hambre en solidaridad con los abogados del pueblo en Turquía que están en ayuno de muerte por un proceso justo. En discursos fue denunciada repetidas veces la sentencia contra los inculpados en el proceso de TKP/ML que fue sentenciada el pasado martes por el tribunal superior de justicia en Múnich. Además se llamó la atención sobre la situación de los compañeros hindús Varavara Rao y G.N Saibaba que son retenidos presos por el viejo estado hindú bajo condiciones atroces. El compañero Varavara Rao tiene serios problemas de salud tras haber sido infectado con el coronavirus en cautividad, a pesar de ello el estado hindú le prohibe la libertad condicional para recuperarse.

Here we publish a photo of a graffiti in honor of Garret Foster, which was sent to us.

Colonies in Europe?
Yes, there are.

In this context we were made aware of a hip-hop song from Greenland, which is part of the anti-colonial culture and the culture of resistance. It is a pleasure for us to spread this.



TupilakDanes will come with an attitude

They’ll say you should behave

Felt it many times before

They’ll come upfront and call me names

They’ll tell me I’m nothing but shit

I don’t like how the Greenlanders think

One teacher told me

We shouldn’t be silent all the time

There’s a swastika on my door

It’s good to have a Greenlander by your side

When there’s many eyes judging youThey would call me racial slurs

Eskimo Perker

Arctic Monkey

Just yell: I will never looseThe Dane is nothing but a tupilak

Tupilak –tupilak.


If you can’t speak Danish

The educational system will not take you in

And if they can’t speak kalaallisut

They’ll flow right inThis is the reality we live in

We can only go further as we speak a foreign language

What is this municipality

What is this country

When the Danes come we welcome them with a smile

They’ll tell a homeless Greenlander to die

He doesn’t deserve to live

![ACTUAL EMERGENCY CALL] There is a very drunken man sleeping on the

ground/ Yes, what is he? Is he a Dane or a Greenlander?

They’lllabel us as drunks and nobodies

Are we still a colonized people?

Tupilak –tupilak


But I don’t put all the blame on the Danes

Some Greenlanders abroad are drunks

They’ll make us look badWe come home broken

See ourselves as nothing

And feel like nobodies

Where are we in this route?

My fellow Greenlanders: Wake up
Talk backBe mad

Make yourself

Be independent

Show them what you can

Don’t let yourself fall too deepT

hey are looking down upon us from up there

But they don’t have mountains like we do

You can’t see and you can’t feel what we are

But I’m gonna say we are tupilak

Tupilak –tupilak

On the 4th of August the Irish comrades of the Anti-imperilist Action Ireland dibstrubed thousands of newslaters.

The topic was the Seán Russell monument, which had been attacked on several levels before. Seán Russell was the IRA chief of staff in the 1930s.Now recently there was a painting made on the statue in the colors of the LGBTQ-flag, which, as the comrades also explained, seemed quite out of place. There had never been issuses or claims made against Seán Russell to be involved in any chauvinist stances or actions related to this topic.

They also denounced the claims that Seán Russell was a Nazi-collaborator, which have been brought forth once again. Seán Russell himslef said "I am not a Nazi. I’m not even pro-German. I am an Irishman fighting for the independence of Ireland." and that "If it suits Germany to give us help to achieve independence, I am willing to accept it, but no more, and there must be no strings attached".

This time the claims stem from actual political descendants of Irish fascists of the Blueshirts, which Seán Russell fought against. Fine Gael represented by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar now call for the statue and similar ones to be pulled down, claiming to be influenced by the pulling down of statues in the USA. However as the newsletter of the comrades rightfully points out, the statues being pulled down are of slaveowners and racists, which Seán Russells whole political stance is opposed to.

In addition to the newsletter the comrades also held a rally in defense of the statue with republican and antifascist forces.

Hereby we publish a declaration from Maoists from Finland in Solidarity with the TKP/ML, denouncing the reactionary persecution of communists:


Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Today on the 28th of July 2020, sentences have been given in the Federal Republic of Germany in the so-called “TKP/ML trial”. In this trial, which took over four years, ten comrades were sentenced for such offenses as “leading a foreign terrorist organization” and “membership in a foreign terrorist organization”. Each of them was sentenced to prison, from two and nine months up to even six and half years. No actual crimes, in which the accused would have committed, were not presented in the court, only the vague claim about “terrorism”. This so-called “terrorist organization” is the TKP/ML, the vanguard of the international proletariat in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. The Party, which for decades has waged People’s War for the New Democratic Revolution. The Party, which is the real leader of the broadest and deepest masses in its country. It’s not any “terrorist organization”, but a party in an internal conflict.

According to reports there were further actions in solidarity with the convicted of the TKP/ML-trial in Freiburg, Cologne, Wuppertal and Cottbus. We document some pictures of them.

In the last few weeks there were hardly any newspapers that did not complain about the new „anti-discrimination-law” of the Berlin police. They claim the cops are being harassed by it and are hindered in doing their jobs. Secretary of the interior Horst Seehofer even threatens not to send thugs from other federal states to events and demonstrations in Berlin anymore.