On January 1st, a new media law was passed by parliament. It includes a register for journalists and applies to all who broadcast or publish for Azerbaijani audiences. The new law severely restricts press freedom - especially the freedom of independent journalists.

We publish a unofficial and preliminary translation of the chronicle of the II. Congress of the Maoist Communist Party in the Spanish State, first published on We also added the Maoist Communist Party of the Spanish State to our Links.

The state government in Baden-Württemberg has decided to maintain alert level II for Corona despite a declining hospitalization incidence and intensive care bed occupancy. While the number of occupied intensive care beds is decreasing - which is supposedly the decisive value - the state's measures are maintained although the official basis for this simply does not exist.

Last weekend, opponents of the Corona measures again planned a demonstration in Hamburg. 15,000 people were expected, a number that is by no means unrealistic given the previous demonstrations in recent weeks. Across the country, several hundred thousands are currently taking part in demonstrations against the Corona measures, compulsory vaccination and the state of emergency. However, for the first time in a long time, the Hamburg police threw a spanner in the works and banned the demonstration, which was planned for 15 January. Even when the organisers filed an emergency appeal in court, the ban did not change.

We are publishing hereby a translation of one of the many articles from KLASSENSTANDPUNKT No.19 that we found on We assume that the comrades of the Red Press will publish the entire issue as soon as they can.

The new Federal Minister of Defence, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), has two new plans for the Bundeswehr. First, she plans to buy new F-18 fighter jets from the United States for the Bundeswehr's Tornado fleet. She had already discussed this project with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and several review commissions had been initiated, which are now to finally examine alternatives as to how the air fleet of the German Armed Forces can best be strengthened. However, the purchase of this model has another purpose. For example, the purchase of the model from the USA is to enable so-called nuclear sharing for German imperialism. For NATO's nuclear deterrence concept provides for participation in US nuclear weapons by allies if certain conditions are met. Already in the coalition agreement, the new "Ampel" government wrote: "We will accompany the procurement and certification process with a view to Germany's nuclear participation objectively and conscientiously."

Things continue to go downhill for the Lloyd shipyard in Bremerhaven. We have already reported in the past on the traditional company, which has been threatened with closure for over a year now. The work of more than 300 colleagues is at stake.