On Saturady, the 20th of April, Seeds for Palestine organized a demonstration in solidarity with the people of Palestine and against the weapons industry, which has a strong local presence. Activists of the Red League took part and sent us a few pictures.


We have received a report from the Red League NRW, which we would like to share here.


This week, from April 15 to April 21, we participated as part of the Open Palestine Meeting Bochum in the week of action for the release of Palestinian prisoners, which was proclaimed by the nationwide Kufiya network, of which the Open Palestine Meeting Bochum is a member.

In the last two weeks, forces from the Freiburg police and the federal police have been carried out two large -scale controls in which the Stühlinger Kirchplatz surrounded and numerous of people which where on the square were controled. This two actions by the police was not the first and will not be the last on this place.

The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to lock children up in prison. What sounds like a headline in a boulevard paper is reality. Reul's original statement to Westdeutscher Rundfunk sounds like this: "If more and more children and youths are building bombs or stabbing someone in the stomach (...) then you can't say that they have no responsibility for it." Reul justifies his populist and agitating statements against the youth with statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office that speak of an alleged increase in "suspected children" of 43% compared to 2019.

On Monday, the first german soldiers began their travel to Lithuania. In future, a brigade of the german army will be permanently stationed there. This marks the beginning of what will be the largest direct foreign activity of the German military since the Second World War.

On March 31, local elections were held in Turkey in which over 61 million people were called to vote for mayors, local politicians and village heads. In the press of the imperialist states in the Western hemisphere, this election is celebrated as a great victory for "democracy" in Turkey and worldwide. Some media are even heralding the end of Erdogan's "one-man rule".The reason for this is the victory of the Kemalist-social democratic "opposition party" CHP with 37.77% of the vote compared to the AK Party of the incumbent president and genocide-monger Erdogan, which won a total of 35.49% of the vote. In a schematic comparison with the last local elections, the numbers may suggest that Erdogan and his AKP are losing ground. After all, the AKP won a total of 42.50 percent of the vote in the last local elections in 2019, while the Kemalists only won 29.60 percent of the vote.