03: October:
After a suicide attack on the Turkish Ministry of the Interior in Ankara, which according to various bourgeois media but also Kurdish sources is to be attributed to the PKK, there were raids and arrests by the old Turkish state throughout Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. According to Tagesschau, which refers to the Turkish Interior Ministry, 1000 people were arrested in the raids following the attack. Avrupa Haber also reports on its website that six Partizan readers were arrested in Dersim and Istanbul and digital materials were confiscated by Turkish police, although it is unclear on what charges the six Partizan readers were arrested and where they were taken. Among those detained, according to Avrupa Haber, is its correspondent Ertan Çıta, who was arrested in Dersim.

The police arrests a climate activist shortly before the start of the Marathon (in the background). [All image sources:]

Around 60,000 people from more than 150 countries took to the starting line last Sunday in late summer weather in the capital to follow in the footsteps of the Greek legendary heroes under the banners of car monopoly BMW and cross the finish line through the landmark of German imperialism after running over 42 kilometres.

On October 08, there will be two important federal state elections in the FRG. In both Hessen and Bavaria, the state parliament and thus a new government will be elected on this day. These state elections take place in the midst of a serious crisis of parliamentarism and the bourgeois parties within an economic crisis.

At the actual time, many medias increase their propaganda against combative antifascists, revolutionaries and revolutionaristic forces. The state-medias like “MDR”, “NDR” or “Tagesschau” report about submerged “left-wing extremists” and stoking the fear about some “serious violent crimes” or “terrorist attacks”. In combination with the propaganda of the medias, a nationwide  public manhunt against a persecuted antifascist has started.

In the Maule region of central Chile, the situation remains tense. After several major mobilizations of poor and middle peasants and workers in recent weeks, in which they demanded economic reparations for the damage and crop losses caused by the recent floods.

We share a picture that has been sent to us on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo. The picture was taken next to a school in the district Stühlinger.

In Essen, a painting was made on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the great speech of Chairman Gonzalo. We publish here pictures which were sent to us


We hereby publish images of a mural from Bremen that have been sent to us, on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the speech of Chairman Gonzalo.