The following pictures were sent to us. They were taken in Freiburg in the district Weingarten.

Since the 1950s, a memorial plaque has been emblazoned on the wall of the second floor of the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe. This plaque commemorates 34 members of the Reich Court and the Reich Prosecutor's Office who died in the prisoner-of-war camps Buchenwald and Mühlberg on the Elbe, which were run by the Soviet Union. The problem however is that these are lawyers and judges of the fascist German Reich ruled by the Nazis.

In the following we would like to publish the following photos which were sent to us on the occasion of the people's uprising in Ecuador.

On Sunday, also in the working-class district of Berlin-Marzahn, the 19th of June, Day of Heroism, was held high in the context of a rally.

The German bourgeoisie continues to implement its plan to soften the 8-hour day. At the beginning, the softening of the 8-hour day in the health sector was justified by the pandemic, and now, according to the wishes of the BDI president, it is to be extended to all sectors due to the shortage of skilled workers.

On June 19, a rally was also held in Freiburg on the occasion of the Day of Heroism. Revolutionaries gathered in the working-class district of Weingarten under the slogan "Long live the fallen heroes! Long live the revolution!".

On the occasion of Heroism Day, proletarian revolutionaries in Essen-Altendorf, a poverty-stricken district of Essen, organized a rally in a central part of the district. Again and again crowds from the neighborhood listened to the speeches, sought dialogue with the revolutionaries or directly grabbed the red flag with hammer and sickle and lined up. This shows that revolutionaries are a part of life in the neighborhood.

On 06/18 this year marked the third anniversary of the murder of the worker Adel B. from Altendorf. For this reason, a youth football tournament was organized in his honor by the Justice for Adel initiative on Ehrenzeller Platz, one of the central places in the district and not far from Adel's former home. Altendorf is characterized by poverty and migration. The police patrol here a lot and harass the population to a great extent. Again and again there are racist attacks and controls by the police. In 2019, this violence culminated in the murder of the German-Algerian worker Adel B.