At the beginning of October, several solidarity events with the revolutionary Turkish newspaper Yeni Demokrasi took place in Austria and Switzerland. Both editors and ordinary readers of the newspaper are increasingly threatened, arrested and tortured by the Turkish state in order to prevent the circulation of the newspaper among the masses.


We document an unofficial translation of a report by Solrojista from 11th of October 2021.

In Oslo and Trondheim banners were hanged with the slogan “¡Viva PCP!” and "Support People's War in Peru!", with hammer and sickle.

The comrades of Rote Presse have informed us that issue 42 of the Rote Post is online. Furthermore, they have also informed us that after the latest issue reaches them, they will publish the respective previous issue. The latest updated issue can be found here.

The case of Nemi El-Hassan shows how little it takes to become a non-person in German class society.

In the follwoing we publish an english translation of a document of the MPP, which were published before on ""

IIn recent days, there have been two cases of fatal police violence in Lower Saxony and one in Rhineland-Palatinate.

On Sunday, October 3, a 40-year-old refugee from Sudan was shot dead by police in the district of Stade. As usual, the cops justified their actions by saying that they had been attacked with a knife. On the day of his death, the cops came to the shelter three times because of the man. The murdered man suffered from psychological problems and demanded help. In addition, the man wanted the cops to take him into custody themselves. During the third operation, the man allegedly pulled a knife and attacked the cops. That the police shoot a person with mental problems is not the first time. Again and again, the police shoot people with mental problems because they allegedly do not know how to help themselves.

Also in the district of Stade it is not the first case. Already in 2019, Aman A. was shot in the district of Stade. The 19-year-old Afghan was surrounded by the cops and then shot. There it was said he had attacked the officers with a dumbbell bar. The outnumbered police units allegedly had no other option but to shoot the young man. No one was prosecuted for the murder of 19-year-old Aman A.

Taser Bullenmord

A case in which a man died at the hands of police occurred last Friday, October 1, in Garbsen near hannover. The man was killed by a special task force by a distance electric pulse device , better known as a taser. The man is said to have threatened to commit crimes, according to the cops. The man died in the hospital hours after the operation.

On October 6, a 53-year-old man was killed in Neustadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, after he was also incapacitated with a Taser. He had reportedly previously been shouting in the entrance of an apartment building and blocking the way of residents. The cops justify the operation with an alleged attack on themselves and invoke self-defense. After the cops had knocked the man down, he suffered a circulatory arrest.

Tasers are repeatedly claimed to be so-called "non-lethal weapons". The tased persons get a strong electric shock and fall paralyzed to the ground, suffering enormous pain. Even though the use is not always lethal, serious injuries and deaths occur repeatedly. The lies of the non-lethal weapons are nothing more than an excuse to further equip the cops.

All deaths go on the account of the German state and its police which murders without consideration the own population.

In the past few days, different wall paintings were made in Freiburg, of which we document some pictures.