On Thursday 18.05 a banner with the slogan “İbrahim Kaypakkaya present in the struggle! Unite under Maoism!” was hung from a bridge in Tampere. On that day, 50 years passed since the founder of the TKP/ML, Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, gave his life for the Party and the revolution after being tortured and murdered by the reaction. Countless people passing by saw the banner and were impressed by it.

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In Helsinki flyers were distributed in solidarity with Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo and the indigenous peoples and poor peasants of Mexico. The flyers condemned the actions of the old Mexican state and their oppressive measures against the Mexican people in the realisation of the imperialist mega-project of the Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT)

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The Nakba day was marked in Denmark on Sunday 14.05 with a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian People. The demonstration was organised by International Forum, Boycott Israel DK and Stop the Annexation of Palestine. Many speeches were held at the demonstration and Palestinian music was also played.

Anti-imperialist Collective also participated with a banner with the slogans ”Long live proletarian internationalism!”, ”Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian People!”.

Slogans like ”Long live Palestine!”, ”Boycott Israel!”, ”Down with Israel!”, ”Down down USA!”, ”From the river to the Sea, Palestine will be free!” and ”Children in Gaza has right to life!” were shouted many times in the demonstration.

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On May 15.05 the Nakba day was marked in the proletarian neighbourhood of Blågårdsplads. A stand was put up with a Palestinian flag and the slogans ”Long live proletarian internationalism!”, ”Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian People!”. Leaflets were distributed along with other material. The leaflets and the action was especially supported by the youth in the neighbourhood.

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Later in the evening in the same neighbourhood a cultural event in solidarity with Palestine was organised by the organisation NASIM where the documentary Jenin Jenin was shown.

On the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Initiation of the People’s War in Peru two dazibaos were put up, one in Copenhagen and one in Aalborg. The dazibaos had the slogans ”Long live the People’s War in Peru!” and ”People’s War until Communism!”.

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On May 18th the 30th anniversary of a day of heroic struggle of the masses in Denmark was marked. On May 18th 1993 the masses struggled hard after being betrayed by the Danish government in a farce of an election about whether of not Denmark should join the EU. The class hatred and wrath of the masses was too big for the police to handle which resulted in 113 sharp bullets being shot at the masses by the police, hitting 11 people.

A banner was hung at Blågårdsplads, the neighbourhood where the anti-EU demonstration started from in 1993. The banner had the slogan ”May 18th 1993: The day where the resistance of the masses was expressed strongly”.

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On May 18th a demonstration against police violence was organised by the organisation ”Revolutionary Anti-fascists”. Activists from Anti-imperialist Collective participated with a banner with the slogan ”It’s right to rebel!”. During the demonstration fireworks were set ablaze and a cobblestone was also thrown at a police car. The police did not dare attack the demonstration due to the implications such an attack would have on that particular day.

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The demonstration continued to a police station where the police had a strong presence and had surrounded the demonstration. After the demonstration had ended the crowd retreated collectively as the police, dressed in civilian clothes were pursuing them.

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