Comrades from Tjen Folket Media reports that the Nakba day was marked at multiple locations in the country.

In Trondheim The Struggle Committee (Kampkomiteen) marked the Nakba-day through the distribution of leaflets and a speech at top of Nordre gate. The speech highlighted examples of acts of terror committed against the Palestinian People this year and how the State of Israel is supported by imperialists within the EU as well as other imperialists.

After that the activists partook in the markation of the Palestine Committee where multiple speeches were held by various organisations, some comparing the struggle of national liberation in Palestine to the struggle against the fascist occupation of Norway. Another speech highlighted how Israel is a fascist state. Songs were also sung in support of Palestine.

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In Kristiansand the Nakba-day was marked by the Palestine Committee, Palestinian League, The Palestine Shop Jafra, Red, NKP and SV.

A stand with Palestinian music, dance, poems and speeches, that condemned the ongoing nakba in Palestine were held.

After that the participants went on to march through the streets chanting slogans for a free Palestine.

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In Bergen The Struggle Committee participated in the markation on Øvre Vågsallmenningen organised by the Palestine Committee in commeration of the nakba catastrofy.

Speeches of multiple organisations were organised, both on the history of the nakba, but also on the coninous occupation by Israel and the struggle of national liberation in Palestine.

In between the speeches slogans like ”Boycutt Israel! – Free Palestine!” and ”No peace without freedom, no freedom without struggle, free Palestine!”. The Struggle Committee also distributed leaflets on the nakba to participants and by-passers.

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In Oslo The Struggle Committe participated in the nakba markation in Oslo on May 13th. There was as big demonstration in front of the Norwegian parliament, where speeches were held and poems were read outloud. Slogans like ”Boycutt Israel, Free Palestine!” were shouted loudly by the participants.

After the demonstration the participants went to Ankerparken and the solidarity festival Visit the West Bank. Palestinian music was played there and Palestinian food was also sold. Reports say there were many enthusiastic participants and that the activities stretched long into the evening.

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In Trondheim a solidarity action in support of the struggle of the Mexican People against the Interoceanic Corridor was carried out. A banner with the slogan ”Support the people’s struggle in Mexico!” was hung from a bridge at the NTNU campus on Gløshaugen.

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In Oslo leaflets were distributed, mobilising for an anti-NATO and Jan Stoltenberg (the general secretary of NATO) in front of the Norwegian parliament on Wednessday may 31st at 18:00, as well as for an open meeting about the case on Mestizo on Tuesday May 30th 18:00.

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Comrades from Punalippu report that in both Tampere poster on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Initiation of the People’s War in Peru were put up, and in addition posters for the International Kaypakkaya Symposium were distributed elsewhere in Pirkanmaa.

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On May 18th Friends of New Brazil visited the ”Market of Opportunities” in Tampere in connection with the Social Forum. The original publication can be read on the Friends of New Brazil site, which can be found here.

Dozens of different organizations participated in the event. Despite the bad weather, the event gathered quite a lot of visitors.

Friends of New Brazil participated with a stand and had conversations with those who were interested. Several Brazilians living in Tampere were surprised and happy. The environment, imperialism, the plight of poor peasants and the importance of solidarity came up in the discussions at the table with the visitors.

Special interest was given to the role of Finnish imperialism in Brazil and the merits of the so-called labor president Luiz Inácio (Lula) in worsening the conditions of the people. The visitors almost without exception showed their support for the struggle of the Brazilian people and especially the poor peasants.

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In Helsinki poster in Honour of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya were put up in connection to the 50th anniversary of the immoertiliastion of Imbrahim Kaypakkaya.

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