On April 6, 2021, the parliamentary elections in Greenland were brought forward by one year due to the collapse of the old government coalition.  Some media and social democrats spoke of a "historic change of power" or a "victory of the socialists. But what is the assessment of the revolutionaries?

The party Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) has achieved the greatest success with an increase to 37% of the votes. The IA has thus replaced the Siumut party as the leading Greenlandic party. The IA presents this as a significant victory for the indigenous population and the independence movement, but this is a lie. With the IA, the oppression of Greenland by the various imperialists is merely given a new, leftist and more social coating.
The IA is a bourgeois electoral party that emerged from the Greenland independence movement in 1978. While in the beginning it often talked about "fighting" for Greenlandic independence, today it talks about strengthening the Greenlandic economy in order to eventually achieve political independence. But strengthening the economy in a country subjugated by imperialism means only strengthening the bureaucratic capitalism developed by imperialism and in its service. Thus, the IA has not gained any real power for the indigenous people, but is simply another puppet in the game of the imperialists.
In the midst of this election campaign, there was one very central issue, the mining of uranium and rare earths in the south of the country. The previous ruling party, Siumut, had clearly come out in favor of this mining project against the will of the people. The IA had positioned itself against it with reference to environmental protection. This dispute was a major reason for the collapse of the governing coalition led by Siumut. The fact that IA has now prevailed in the elections is probably due in large part to the fact that it has used the justified demand of the masses that no environmentally damaging uranium mining be carried out in their habitats to shackle their emerging opposition to the ballot box.
What needs to be known about the region is that various imperialists (USA, Denmark, Russia, China) are fighting for hegemony in this country. This is because Greenland is extremely important both militarily and economically because of its resources and geostrategic location.
The fact that IA won these elections represents a success for the interests of the U.S. imperialists, because the largest shareholder of Greenland Minerals Ltd (which wanted to carry out the controversial Kvanefjeld mine project) is the Chinese company Shenghe Resources Holding. Thus, pushing through this project would strengthen the Danish and Chinese imperialists while weakening the Yankees.

The struggle of the imperialists for the control of Greenland is far from over. The current situation, that the old government has fallen out because of a contradiction, which is not only a contradiction in the environmental question, but also and primarily a contradiction between the different imperialists, makes this clear. But just as the struggle of the imperialists to divide their booty continues, so does the struggle of the Greenlandic people for their liberation.