The protests against the new "Global Security" law have been going on for several weeks now. Last weekend again thousands of people took to the streets in now over 90 cities and again there were numerous fights against the police, who responded with violence and numerous arrests.

In line with this, a member of the collective "Disarm them" has now been sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of 600 euros in Montpellier. Allegedly, the member had, among other things, physical altercations with a police officer and insulted him as a "whore of Macron". However, the police statements are denied by him and are said to be fictitious. The collective is an organisation that fights against police violence with documentations and publications.
But it is not only protests against police violence that are on the rise, there were also clashes with police in one of France's colonies, namely New Caledonia, on Monday the 7th of November. The reason for this is the planned sale of Vale's nickel mine. The mine workers protested near the ships that were to take the employees to the mine. However, the demonstrating workers cut the ship's lines and caused the boat to drift. Shortly afterwards, violent clashes broke out with the police, burning barricades were erected and the police used tear gas. Barricades were also set up on the factory premises and on the streets around. Politicians in France as well as in New Caledonia have since been asking their colony master France for help to deal with the general political, economic and social crises there.