The imprisoned Turkish lawyer Ebru Timtik has died after 238 days of hunger strike, in which she and her fellow worker Aytaç Ünsal had been on since they were sentenced to 159 years imprisonment in February on terror charges. Her law firm, Halkin Hukuk Bürosu ( Advocates of the People), of which 18 lawyers, including Ebru and Aytaç, were captured in a major raid in 2017 and arbitrary trials were opened against them, announced her death last Thursday; on Friday there were attacks on the funeral in Istanbul by the police. Hundreds of adherents and supporters who had come shouted slogans such as "Ebru Timtik is immortal" and that "the murderous state will be called to account". As a result, the cops threatened to attack the assembly and finally did so with tear gas, which led to the dissolution of the assembly. Ebru Timtik joins a long line of revolutionaries who lost their lives on hunger strike for justice.