In Norway, the combative anti-fascist protests of the last few months have continued.

Oslo. On 15.08, the fascists of "Stop Islamization of Norway" (SIAN) came to the proletarian neighborhood Furuset in the Norwegian capital. The masses tore down the barricades erected by police and threw eggs and metal bits against the fascists. The police used tear gas in an attempt to defend the square, which the masses fought to seize from the fascists. As a result, the struggle was spread out to multiple squares and even train stations. Comrades of the Struggle Committee ( report: "The attempt of the police to stop the demonstration with violence simply resulted in the struggles developing further. The rage of the masses spread like the tear gas in the air. Eggs paved the way for bottles, and bottles for stones. It was almost impossible to see the fascists, and in many ways, they were no longer central. Now, the confrontration was principally about the heroic struggle of the masses against the police".

Ålesund. On 19.08, the SIAN fascists attempted to demonstrate in Ålesund, but they were met by a counter-demonstration, posters and banner drops. The fascists were practically drowned out by speeches and shouts from the anti-fascists.

Bergen. On 22.08, SIAN attempted to demonstrate in Bergen, but this had consequences for these enemies of the people. Comrades of Serve The People Media report: "The demonstration began around 13:00. Beforehand, various antifascists had mobilized broadly. Several banners and red flags were well visible. The fascists only got 45 minutes before people had enough. Tens of demonstrators jumped over the barricades and stormed against SIAN, which unleashed chaos. During the heroic acts of the masses, SIAN leader Lars Thorsen was struck several times, according to Times of Bergen. He apparently was laying on his back for several minutes before being escorted away by police. Anna Bråten from SIAN screamed many times that the police should shoot the demonstrators. It must by now be beyond any doubt, that these are reactionaries of the worst sort. No shots were fired, but the police fast began using what was likely tear gas against the demonstrators, children among them. The same was done by police during the demonstration against SIAN on Furuset on 15.08. After SIAN were forced to stop their manifestation, the masses turned against the police. The demonstrators threw objects such as eggs on police and soon surrounded a police car. Then, the police threatened tear gas. The police nonethelesss had to leave the square afterwards, which made the popular masses applaud and celebrate. Again, SIAN was defeated. Again, the police had to evacuate".



In the city of Turku, more than 500 anti-fascists gathered for the "Turku Without Nazis" demonstration on the 16th of August. This was to show clearly to fascist demonstrators that day, that those enemies of the people are not welcome in Turku or anywhere else at all. The demonstration had a combative expression, as comrades from Red Flag report: "Speeches and shouts were heard on the spot, until the relative peace broke down, as the anti-fascist forces came into the line of sight of the fascist demonstration. The cops present - who were far too few for the situation (some didn't even wear riot helmets) - were surprised, as the anti-fascist forces rushed towards the fascists, shouting slogans like: "Crush the fascists!" and "Anti-fascists, forward!". At this point, the police had to retreat and the anti-fascists were able to advance through the park on the Old Grand Square all the way to Aninkaistenkatu, at which time the police had time to reorganize and summon their riot reserves.

Traffic was blocked from the busy street for about 1.5 hours. The police were equipped with rubber bullet guns as well as numerous police dogs. The masses did not retreat despite the police threats of registration and arrest, but continued to shout their militant slogans.

It was made clear to the fascists that there would still be a counterforce to them - forces that felt legitimate sacred hatred for their class enemy and its running dog. The day showed once again that the masses are ready and willing to oppose fascism in spite of all the liberalism and apathy with which the minds of the masses are poisoned as part of a general counter-revolutionary offensive".



Revolutionaries in Denmark have carried out a propaganda action in support of the current people's struggles in the United States, emphasizing the defense of political prisoners and martyred revolutionaries. The graffiti reads: "It's Right To Rebel! Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster! Defend Austin's Targeted Three!", with the hammer and sickle.