In the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, Turkey plays an essential role in coordinating and enforcing the interests of Yankee imperialism. In the last days, the Turkish press reported about numerous meetings and telephone calls of the most important representatives of the Turkish state, mainly President Erdogan and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, with heads of state and foreign ministers of different countries.

On the one hand, Cavusoglu met with Mike Pompeo, Foreign Minister of the USA, in order to discuss the "situation in the Mediterranean", as well as the defence ministers of Turkey and Qatar visited the civil war country Libya and representatives of the prime minister al-Sarradsch, who is on the side of the USA, where both countries assured the al-Sarradsch regime of military support in time for the now proclaimed ceasefire. Both of these meetings, in other words, coordinate the implementation of the Yankee policy.

On the other hand, it was mainly Erdogan on the phone with the heads of imperialist competitors of the USA. The "intensive" conversation with Russian President Putin was mainly about the situation in Libya and Syria. In Syria, a Russian-Turkish patrol was recently attacked again. Due to the devastating consequences of the economic crisis, the situation has become more dangerous for contending imperialists in the civil war country "balkanised" by the USA, accordingly, more cooperation in the "anti-terrorism efforts" was decided. They talk about peace, but this means peace for the imperialists, which is guaranteed by different groups fighting each other and keeping the country in chaos.

There were restrained talks with Germany and Italy with the result that they want to look for "peaceful ways" and a "solution for the problem" together in the question of the "Mediterranean conflict". Meanwhile, Turkey declares the on 1 August entered defence agreement between Cyprus and France, which now apparently multiplies its military presence throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, as contrary to the 1960 treaties for the "balance between Turkish and Greek Cypriots". The situation is therefore intensifying from week to week, and a potential battlefield is looming on the doorstep of Europe. Anyone can get involved and reveal their claims, but once again the Yankees have the main trigger for the escalation in their hands.