The following article is about a case of repression in Ireland. The case is of general interest, because it shows how the state tries to infiltrate the revolutionary movement. It was originally published here.

(The following article has been sent to this page and is not a reflection on anyone mentioned in the article. It is only to inform readers to the background of Denis McFadden and to the facts)
According to their website Justice Watch Ireland “is dedicated to protecting human rights and the civil liberties of all the people throughout Ireland.” What the website doesnt mention is that the organisation had as a founding member an mi5 operative who has been active in republican circles for over 20 years and who is central to Operation Arbachia an mi5 led operation across the 32 counties of Ireland targetting the leadership of Saoradh and allegdly the New IRA. So far seven members of Saoradh have been arrested and charged with directing terrorism and are still in custody.


According to public media reports a member of the Saoradh national executive was involved in organising meetings which the security forces deemed as illegal. The media reports claimed that activities of an illegal nature, i.e. activities of the New IRA were discussed. The venues where these meetings were held were bugged, recorded and DNA samples were taken from the scene. This information wouldnt have been available to the security services only for the activities of this mi5 agent who is believed to have infiltrated the organisation. He was known as Denis McFadden.
Prior to this this mi5 operative was involved with Sinn Fein near the Glens of Antrim around the early 2000s collecting money and other activities. However Sinn Fein claim that he was not a signed up or paying member of Sinn Fein. Locals contacted Sinn Fein leadership with concerns about him. Later those who raised these concerned were told McFadden represented not just Sinn Fein but the whole Republican Movement.
He was involved in Sinn Feins online presence and media and later the highly popular Republican News website.
It is not known when he left Sinn Fein or the Provisional movement but it known that he approached the political party éirigí. Following a rigorous background check that éirigí employed as part their membership process he was declined for membership when details could not be verified about him or his charachter.
In 2019 Denis McFadden was joint Resources Officer for Saoradh along with Sharon Jordan.
During this period a fast food takeaway in the heart of Ardoyne was recently bought by McFadden. He was regularly seen drinking in the Star in Ardoyne and being driven around although he could drive himself. He is also believed to have owned a bar in Glengormley in Belfast.
Justice Watch
In 2013 an organisation called Justice Watch Ireland was established. According to their website “Justice Watch Ireland is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization made up of more than 100 volunteers throughout the 32 Counties of Ireland. Its staff consists of experienced human rights activists and various professionals who work Pro bono publico including lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities”







The idea came from the Miscarraiges of Justice Organisation (MOJO) in England which Gerry Conlon of the Birmingham 6 was involved in. The idea was to set up a similiar organsation in Ireland and was initiated by Tony Catney.
Tony Catney was a former republican prisoner. He had been a member of the Provisional Movement and then went on to become a member of the Republican Network for Unity and the 1916 Societies.
Justice Watch Ireland was set up as a company with a professional logo, legal involvement and with a human rights image. While not having an office they had an address in Belfast which was used for correspondence at Forsyth House, Cormac Square, Belfast.
Those involved in Justice Watch Ireland believed there could possibly be a £40,000 a year salary for those who worked in their office if funding came through. It is believed the funding never came through.
McFadden was appointed Secretary and J. Mulholland and Co. Solicitors as Secretary service address. The subsribers were Christine Shaw, Ciaran O Maolchallan, Ciaran Shiels, William Catney and Gerard Conlon.
However when Tony Catney died in 2014 Justice Watch Ireland ceased to exist in any meaningful way.
Justice Watch Ireland is the organisation that introduced Mozzam Begg to Irish Republican audiences, the former prisoner who is widely believed to be in involved with Mi5.




Justice Watch Ireland had all the hall marks of a NGO, operated for and on behalf of mi5.
Around the same period Denis McFadden was also a member of the Justice for the Craigavon 2 commitee and was in charge of their website, Facebook page and media. He intially would not give access to the campaigns media passwords to other committee members. The campaigns Facebook page was eventually taken down with no explanation. He played a destructive role in the commitee. Interestingly he was never in any commitee photographs always volunterring to take photos so he would not be in any himself but was heavily involved in the technical side of the campaign
Those who knew McFadden knew him as a quiet, aloof person but with logistical and technical abilities which would be beneifical to any political organisation. He positioned himself as the “go to” man. His acitivities on behalf of the British crown in Ireland will potentially see up to nine individuals potentially serving decades in prison.
Denis McFadden is a timely reminder to all revolutionary organisations to be conscious that the state will always try and infiltrate. He follows in the footsteps of other state agents such as David Rupert, Martin McGartland and Sean O Callaghan.
He will not be the last…