The following text is an inofficial translation ofthis text about a sabotage against the bureau of A Nova Democracia.



On 13 August, the building where the newspaper A Nova Democracia is based was sabotaged. The internetconnection was destroyed. An element, presenting itself as an internet operator's technician, entered the building with the justification that he was going to "verify the possibility of installing the operator" on the spot, went to a distribution centre at the headquarters and cut, with tweezers, all the electrical cables for internet and telephony. Nothing was taken, nothing was installed. Other technicians who went to the headquarters after the fact, in order to re-establish the connection, confirmed that it was an unmistakable act of sabotage. The telephone company itself reported that no employee responded without a service order, which shows that the "technician" was in fact an infiltrated element. Months earlier, another element had been identified as carrying out a campaign at the newspaper's headquarters, for two weeks, every day and at the same time, in the midst of the pandemic, checking the routine, departure times and closure of the building.


This is a sabotage action which, although it may seem simple to the short-sighted, is very serious and is, by its nature, an operation of psychological warfare. The reactionaries and fascists want to silence the popular and democratic platform that has always been and will continue to be AND, however, without facing each other face to face, without making known their "exploit", without giving broad elements of their action for fear of broadening the support to the popular and democratic press. Their mentors indicate with this that they are watching and that, tomorrow, they can venture into something of greater importance. Let them try!


They want to harass this platform that, on a daily basis, has denounced and beaten this government of generals, executioners of the people and small Nazi subjects, as it denounced the crimes of the whole old state. The scum of the society, from the sewer and encouraged by these times when the country is leading a kind of military junta, is furious against the consequent and revolutionary democrats who have this newspaper as their spokesman, and plot their disgusting plans. Good, gentlemen! Their hydrophobic drool, their insane hatred for the people in struggle and their best representatives only provokes more decision to continue in this trench of the class struggle.


It is not surprising that, at this moment, the reactionaries and the "powerful" are choosing their target. All the recent covers of this vehicle abound with denunciations of the scandalous genocide of the government against the people, whether by military means with its odious police operations in the slums and the countryside, or by negligence in the middle of the Covid-19, which has already killed more than 100,000 Brazilians and destroyed their families, outraged and trapped by the feeling of helplessness, hostages of an old state run by something similar to psychopaths. While thousands and even millions die from negligence, whether sanitary or economic, the government butchers shrug their shoulders, while giving millions of reals to social health organisations, stealing funds from respirator hospitals and all known breakdowns.


From this platform we have always denounced the plundering of our natural wealth by imperialism, the exploitation of the workers by the multi-million dollar corporations at home and abroad -which pay hunger wages and profits are not even left in the country-, the killing in the slums, the latifundia and their insane war against the peasants and indigenous people, the plundering of the national economy by the financial capital, etc. If the people suffer, if they suffer from the lack of basic services, the increase of the basic food basket, the lack of housing, the low wages and the family problems resulting from a life always on the edge, everything has to do with the class domination. of the big bourgeois and landlords and imperialism, and the people's liberation will come with the devastation of these classes. These are irreconcilable interests, the benefit of some comes from the misery of others. The New Democratic Revolution, which is on an uninterrupted march towards socialism, which will eliminate all the misfortunes that weigh on the popular masses, whether the enemies of the people are liked or not, will be imposed and will erase from our country all the rottenness, obscurantism, reactionary and suffering of the masses. The masses themselves will take care of this. Nothing and nobody will be able to stop them.


YOU STILL DON'T ... The newspaper A Nova Democracia, in its more than 18 years of existence, has maintained its independence unaltered, denouncing and unmasking the reactionary FHC government, the opportunist PT and now, more than ever, doing so in the midst of the establishment of the military government that in fact arose from the ongoing military coup, which we have anticipated through scientific analysis since 2017.

In all this time we fought and brought to light the entrails and machinations of the old Brazilian state and its ruling classes, imperialism's lackeys, in particular the vile role of the latifundia in our country.


We never received a penny from the banks or the electoral parties. All our financing has always come from the support of our readers, collaborators and enthusiasts of the popular and democratic press. In this context where popular struggles tend to take on new proportions, their support is more necessary and decisive than ever.


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