Like already reported on 10th of August Turkey sent out a research vessel for investigation of gas in place in Mediterranean Sea. The research vessel is escorted by naval vessel, that shall do military drills. Because Greece claims this zone they answered with an announcement of military drills by themselves.

Now France intervened and wants to support Greece. The France already committed at least one naval aircraft carrier as well as naval vessels for a common drill in the region
. Those would be time limited and there for „controlling the situation and underlining France’s determination to enforce international Right“. But those rights are not so easy because Greece and Turkey signed, next to the treaty about Cyprus from 1960, lately treaties with other countries that give them the opportunity to declare this zone as their own economic zone.

An interference by France Turkey does not accept and strengthen its military presence. The Turkish president Erdogan directly spoke out against France and implied colonial intentions that would have also shown during Macron’s visit in Beirut and denounced France’s approach.