We want to share this video from Ecuador. It shows a protest against the so called "humanitarian law" and gives a very good example of how the develop the struggle in these times.

As comrades from the US put it in their report, which we have translated into German:

"The Workers’ Defense Front of Imbabura held an action in Ibarra which mobilized workers, poor peasants, class conscious students, and the masses to condemn the so-called ‘Humanitarian Law’ and latest measures of the Moreno regime that aim to reduce public workers’ salaries by up to 25% and gradually eliminate fuel subsidies.

The demonstrators marched along the main roads of the city to the residence of the Assemblyman for CREO (‘Creating Opportunities’ political party), Marcelo Simbaña, as a display of rejection and deep class hatred for having been part of those miserable people who voted in favor of the ‘Humanitarian Law’ in a clear declaration of war on workers."

We want to emphasize on the correct way the comrade denounced the police at the end of the video.

You can watch the Video on Youtube.