We publish the English translation of the "Joint pronouncement in support of the democratic teachers." from Mexico, that we have received.


Joint pronouncement in support of the democratic teachers.

sol rojo
“Long live the democratic teachers!
-Immediate closure and validation of the current school cycle.
- Defend the health and life of the students, parents of families and education workers.
Long live the CNTE!”


“Peasant teacher, proletarian teacher
you have in your soul, liberatory courage.
Teach me the letters with the alphabet
and teach me the path of the revolutionary“

José de Molina.
March towards independent teaching.


To the working class
To the education workers
To the people of Mexico

During four decades the different government in turn at the head of the old state have developed a series of antipopular policies dictated from the international finance organisms of imperialism. Antipopular policies presented as “reforms” in diverse public areas and the constitutional framework itself, but in realtiy they are counter-reforms, absolutely regressive  and that tend to the cancellation of rights conquered through long years of struggle.

These counter-reforms, with regard to health and education, have served for the dismantling and privatization of these fundamental rights for the life and development of the people, as the fundamental pillar of the homeland.

In regards to health, the results of this antipopular policies have been catastrophic, so much for the few workers that are right-holders of the diverse social security system, as well as for the people that do not count on this. The same can be said in regards to education, which has ceased to be free and in power of the state, which undermines its public character

No federal administration is spared from this; the "new government" itself at the head of the old state has been developing acts of simulation, both for access to universal public health by creating a white elephant, without technical, operational or human capacities (INSABI); as for the abrogation of the misnamed "educational reform" imposed by Enrique Peña Nieto, limiting itself to the legislative reinterpretation of its forms, but not of its backgrounds. 

Today, with the medical emergency derived from the SARS CoV2 pandemic that provokes the COVID19 disease, the situation that we the democratic, class and revolutionary formations of the people have been denouncing for decades has been perfectly evidenced.

The "structural reforms" (counter-reforms) are tools of the parasitical classes in power (landowners and big bourgeoisie) to maintain subjugated, oppressed and exploited the proletariat, the workers and the people of Mexico. These counterreforms are dictated from above and respond the most clear interest of imperialism.

It is because of this that in Mexico there isn‘t a public health system capable of facing this emergency. The poor people are who principally are carrying on their back the weight  of this double crisis: economic and medical.

Now, with the announcement of the "return to the new normality“ that the government of the republic has realized, once again it is clear that to the parasitical classes at the head of the old state don‘t care at all about the health and the life of the people, what really interests them is the production and circulation of commodities, even though they have to present this in a “humanist, juarist and demo-liberal” package like the one that Andrés Manuel López Obrador represents.

The three stages of this "return to the new normality"  demonstrates the above, since by coercing parents and education workers to return to classes from May 18 (without the existence of health, logistical, operational, safety, etc. conditions) they are putting at risk the health and life of both the school communities as a whole and the localities and municipalities where there are no records of contagion.

The government of the republic poses that “269 municipalities in 15 states of the country are ready to resume educational work”, without foreseeing situations such as the relocation of education workers, the lack of drinking water and drainage services in a great many schools, the lack of supplies for hygiene and sanitation, and, of course, the subhuman conditions of misery in which the population is struggling in a large part of the national territory.

What's the background?

The necessity for the big bourgeoisie to resume educational work in order to be able to return to work occupations in general, rethinking which ones are essential or not.

The same thing is happening in Europe, in countries like France and Italy, where the respective governments have resumed or called to resume work, including signaling that "Parents cannot work completely because they are looking after their children at home," as the French Minister of Education stated a few days ago. The next step after this "reopening of occupations" is a new outbreak of the epidemic, as can be clearly seen in Spain in recent days.

That is the real logic behind this call for the "new normality"! That it does not stop, that the production-circulation of commodities does not stop, that financial speculation in the stock markets doesn't cease, that extractive and dispossession processes such as fracking, mining, wind farms, hydroelectric dams, the big new trains that will transport goods of big capital, etc., are not stopped.  

Students, parents of families and education worker, are only guinea pugs in the laboratory of the “new government”, which in the midst of the interbourgeois contradictions and the preemptive reactionary coup in motion, continues making concessions each time larger to the landowners, the big bourgeoisie, the military castes and its old state, maintaining entirely their subjection towards imperialism.

The gringos are also urging Mexico to resume work, to "homologate" the level and rhythm of production and exports, to end the warnings and restrictions against the sea of maquiladoras that they have installed on Mexican territory on the basis of spoils for the benefit of the imperialist chain of production-domination.

Faced with this situation, those of us who signed this document believe that the essential thing is still to defend the health and life of the people, and this also and above all implies defending the health and life of the children of the people, the girls and boys in whom the regime wants to experience a return to its "new normality".

This mode of production isn‘t normal! This unwieldy and rotten society isn‘t normal!

The only real and valid  normality for the workers and the people is the one that will bring the New Democratic and the Socialist Revolution that this country demands.

We demand:

·Immediate closure and validation of the current school cycle.
·Stop the militarization of the country and dissolution of the National Guard, for being the fourth body of the reactionary army in the war against the people.
·Suspension of all occupations truly nonessential.
·Guaranteed salary, health and food for the whole population.

General Strike now, in defence of the working class!
Long live the National Coordinator of Education Workers!
For a class line within the union movement!
15th of May 2020



General Union of Agricultural Workers and Peasants- Red Flag, Popular Womens Movement, Popular Students Movement, Popular Juridical Ricardo Flores Magón, Youth Brigades of the People,Current of the People Red Sun