Also in Switzerland comrades have carried out actions on and surrounding the 1st of May. Henceforth we document the report we have received regarding their activities.

On the first of May, the international day of the proletariat, two banner were hung by proletarian revolutionaries in the proletarian neighborhoods St. Johann and Kleinhüningen in Basel, Switzerland. The first banner was placed on a Swisscom office building in the St. Johann neighborhood and was directed against the occupation of our neighborhoods by the police and military under the guise of the wrongly called "Corona-Crisis" with the slogan "Against the occupation of our neighborhoods by police and military". The second banner was hung above a highway in the Kleinhüningen neighborhood and declared that it is always right to rebell, no matter which reason the reaction chooses to argue against it, with the slogan: "Pandemic or not, it is right to rebel!". In Basel, a broad coalition also brought the first of May to the streets and showed that the first of May cannot be prohibited.

Gegen die Besetzung unserer Viertel 1 BaselGegen die Besetzung unserer Viertel 2 Basel