In Hamburg, numerous gatherings took place on the 8th of March, the by far largest demonstration had several thousand participants. Here a contingent of the Red Women's Committee Hamburg also took part in the first third of the demonstration, carrying a banner with the slogans: "Women combat and resist: Against imperialism and patriarchy! Against the inflationary wave and militarism!".

In addition, hundreds of leaflets of the Red Women's Committee - FRG were distributed for this year's 8th of March and loud slogans were shouted, which were echoed in parts of the demonstration. Even though in this demonstration the proletarian color of feminism was not predominant, but others, a combative mood prevailed at the large demonstration, which shows that the masses of women are participating increasingly conscious and more active in the political struggle, and that in the end the growth of the proletarian women's movement will become stronger.

Hamburg 8. März 2023 Rotes Frauenkomitee Hamburg 2