Just in time for March 8, Foreign Minister Baerbock presented this week, together with Svenja Schule of the SPD the new, so-called "Guidelines for a Feminist Foreign Policy".


One goal of "feminist foreign policy" is to stabilize regions in the Third World. The paper says:

"Security architecture in Africa: we support the African Union in establishing a network of women mediators within the framework of the African Peace and Security Architecture. Through our projects, we support the training and mentoring of women mediators. Since 2018, the number of their deployments has quadrupled. Our support for the African Women Leaders Network is also laying important foundations here."

For a long time now, German imperialism has been "making its contribution" to the security architecture in Africa. German soldiers have been stationed in various African states for many years and development aid has been used to develop bureaucratic capitalism there in the interests of German imperialism. Who wants to read more about the question of the security policy of German imperialism can read "German imperialism's striving to develop into a superpower – Some comments on the “White paper 2016 – On German security policy and the future of the Bundeswehr” from the Klassenstandpunkt.


German soldier in Mali

In addition, states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the United Emirates, countries in which women are denied basic rights, have been supplied with weapons for years. These states lead among other things a war against the Yemeni people and drive the population of Yemen into starvation. Baerbock also supports the fascist apartheid and settler regime of Israel, which kills women and children almost daily, imprisons and tortures them for years. The Zionist occupiers continually destroy Palestinian homes and make the families living in them homeless.

The Greens always like to present themselves as a modern and progressive party, thus the demand for a "feminist foreign policy". But in reality they show that just like all other bourgeois parties they represent a faction of the bourgeoisie. The propagandization and "defense" of "western/democratic" values is only used to justify any aggression against over other states, mainly against the oppressed nations. The guidelines of feminist foreign policy are another card with which to justify the aggression of German imperialism.

The bourgeois feminism does not bring women any further, except for a little cosmetic language, and does not change anything about the double oppression and exploitation of women, but only disguises it.