As a result of "pandemic control measures" that have already been implemented, there has now recently been resistance, in some cases strong, to the intensifying repression in some of Germany's neighboring countries. Mass riots occurred in the Netherlands, where police fired live ammunition at the crowds and some were also hit by bullets.

There were also large riots in Belgium, where water cannons and tear gas were used against the masses in the winter. In Austria there are large protests for the same reasons. A common feature of the bourgeois media portrayal is that the reactionaries who participate in the resistance are given an immense role.


Now, a little later, the FRG is also expanding its repression. In Baden-Wuerttemberg there are already in many districts again night curfews, indeed "only" for unvaccinated people, but this is the justification with which the police continues to control and harass everyone.



In public transport there is now also in many places the 3G obligation (the German state does not enforce some of the current measures on people who are part of one of the three groups that are summarized as “3G”. The three “G” are “geimpft, getestet, genesen” which means vaccinated, tested, recovered) and if one does not carry his certificate with him fines of at least 200€ are collected.

The FRG is somewhat delayed in bringing its measures to bear, it is learning from the mistakes of its neighboring states and in order to enforce its repression without risking a strong common resistance of the masses, it is splitting society into as many small groups as possible; the population is divided into districts, into the various "Gs", the not fully vaccinated are played off against the vaccinated. Those who resist all get the same stamp of "right-wing conspiracy theorists." A straw man is built, an enemy image is created in the proletariat's own ranks so that the anger of the population is not channeled against this oppressive state. It is the duty of revolutionaries to support the struggles against the increasing oppression and actively participate in them. The measures imposed by the state are by no means the most efficient to fight the pandemic, but certainly the ones that benefit the rulers the most.