Almost 2,000 public sector employees went on strike for higher wages in Bremen on the 24th of November. The yellow unions ver.di and GEW and the cop union GdP had called for the warning strike on the occasion of the third round of negotiations in the bargaining dispute in the public service of the federal states and organised a star march of the different sectors to the riverside of the Weser, where a "people chain" was to be formed at the promenade and the adjacent bridges.

With the usual social democratic slogans, it was attempted to give the strike an expression that was as "peaceful" as possible; the "human chain" was to represent the conclusion of another strike march in full cooperation with the bourgeois state. However, the discontent of public sector employees was also visible at the demonstration and expressed itself in the relatively large number of participants, despite the tightened "Corona" measures and high infection rates. In this light, a banner with the slogan "Break the vicious circle! For a combative union!" was hung by proletarian revolutionaries at the rallying point of the star march on the Weser to advance the struggle of the working class for an organisation that can actually lead the struggle for its economic interests. All published pictures have been sent to us.


Öffentlicher Dienst Streik Bremen November 21 II

Öffentlicher Dienst Streik Bremen November 21 III


Öffentlicher Dienst Streik Bremen November 21 IV