In front of the Columbus House in Hamburg - where the Brazilian Consulate is located - the Bündniss gegen imperialistische Aggression held a manifestation in solidarity with the poor and landless peasants of Rondonia on the afternoon of October 29. Speeches were made denouncing the reactionary attack of the old Brazilian state on the territories of Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira, and highlighting the heroic struggle that the revolutionary peasant movement is waging against it. For this purpose, numerous leaflets were distributed informing about the situation.

Slogans were shouted in German as well as in Portuguese, the question of the struggle for land was emphasized, and the genocidal Bolsonaro, as well as his handlers Marcos Rocha and Hélio Cysneiros Pachá, were condemned with deepest class hatred.


After an extensive attack and planned massacre on the revolutionary peasant movement in Rondonia was already launched this spring by the old Brazilian state with its military police, in which three comrades gave their lives, a new offensive was now launched against the Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira areas. 3000 soldiers intervened in the area, illegally clearing the villages and establishing a no-go zone for the residents. 700 families are without homes, clean water and sufficient food.

The struggle for land waged by the poor and landless peasants in Tiago Campin dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira shows the willingness of the Brazilian people to fight and what a highly developed revolutionary situation exists. The comrades on the ground are giving their lives in the struggle against the old state, its genocidal government and its foot soldiers, who are staining their hands more and more with the blood of the people. Their blood is our blood! So it is the task of the proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG, as well as in every other country, to support the struggle of the comrades in Brazil with class solidarity coming from the bottom of their hearts.