In Bremen yesterday, Wednesday 27 October, proletarian revolutionaries gave a lecture on the current situation in Ecuador. Besides some general and historical information showing the semi-feudal and semi-colonial character and the related misery for the Ecuadorian people. The focus was especially on the struggle of the poor and landless peasants in Buenos Aires, Imbabura. The poor and landless peasants in Buenos Aires are waging a struggle against mining, specifically against the Hanrine company that has illegally invaded the area, destroying nature, polluting water and displacing the population. All supported and secured by the police of the old state. The peasants in the area are tirelessly fighting the invaders and have declared a mining free zone. Many pictures and videos of the struggles on the ground were shown.

 In addition to the struggle of the peasants in Buenos Aires, the lecture also speaks about the state of emergency currently imposed by President Guillermo Lasso - the arch-reactionary representative of this rancid comprador bourgeoisie - with which he has declared war on the people. The people and the comrades are fighting tirelessly against this farce, against this crime against the Ecuadorian people, and the lecture expressed full class solidarity with this struggle.