"The Brazilian peoplefight! Especially the struggle of the poor and landless peasantsforland that was unlawfully taken by the Brazilian state and the biglandlords is of great importance. "- That's how the leaf of the Rote Frauenkomitee Bremen began on Saturday, October 30, 2021 different places in Bremen has been distributed. At three places, the Rote Frauenkomitee Bremen spontaneously carried out manifestations with which they listed for solidarity with the struggle of the poor and landless peasants in Tiago Dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira.



Bremen Steintor

Many who passed by the manifestations remained, interested in question and some showed solidarity with the Brazilian people and participated in the manifestations. Especially in Gröpelingen - one of the poorest neighborhoods in Bremen - the action caused a lot of positive resonance by the masses.


Bremen Gröpelingen

Numerous leaflets that reported about the situation were distributed. In their leaflet, which was also read out loud several times, the comrades also denied the black role of Cisneiro Pacha and Marcos Rocha, the responsibles for the new planned massacre on the poor and landless peasants of Rondonia.


Bremen Walle

The actions are a signal of proletarian internationalism, which shows the comrades, which leads the struggle in Rondonia, that their comrades here in the FRG, as well as all in the world shoulder to shoulder stand with them.