On January 11, the police in Singen arrested an 11-year-old Sinto without any justification and, according to the boy, also threatened murder in broken Romanes. Alone the act of arresting a child is illegal in Germany.

On Saturday, January 11, the young Sinto was checked in front of his home for no reason. There the officers found a small legal pocket knife and thereupon handcuffed him and took him to the police station, where he was stuck for an hour and could not even tell his family why he had disappeared.
The cops spoke to him in broken Romanes and said they knew his "gypsy" family. After that they said that the "Mulo" would come for him, which can be translated as death. This should leave no doubt as to the motivation of the act.

This is to be seen as part of the fact that the police are always trying to test the limits of what is socially acceptable and thus expand their possibilities. By terrorizing the children of our class, they want to intimidate the deepest and broadest masses, those who have the most reason to make revolution.
This time, although they have clearly acted against the law and, in addition, have gone so far as to cause an uproar in the bourgeois press, it cannot be expected that this behavior will be seriously punished by the state. The ruling class will probably not want to get rid of good henchmen.