In the long series of entanglements between fascists and Berlin "security authorities" (DVD reported), another incident has occurred. Accompanied by the nice greeting "Dear AfD deputies, enclosed is an expert opinion of the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution on the AfD Berlin", an internal document of the Verfassungsschutz (domestic intelligence) was forwarded to the right-wing party. The 43-page letter then also certifies the AfD's loyalty to the constitution and rejects its assessment as a suspicious case.


This is based on an analysis marked by distortions and omissions. The influence of the faction that used to appear as „der Flügel“ and in which fascist viewpoints culminate most strongly is said to have been downplayed. Also the connections of the AfD to the fascist Tilo P., who is supposed to have committed numerous attacks in Neukölln district under the protective hand of the law enforcement, authorities do not appear in the report.

In the end, it does not matter to progressive people whether this state classifies the AfD as anti-constitutional. The abusive designation of this party as primarily fascist and the strong formal demarcation of the rulers and their media is meant to hide the many similarities in content. They, too, want nationalism as an ideological vehicle to maintain imperialism Made in Germany and to lift it to new heights. The fact that the AfD's open chauvinism is welcome and has its place in the strategy of German imperialism is shown not least by the many sympathizers in the FRG authorities. The previous head of the right-wing extremism department, who was responsible for the paper, is considered to be of "Maaßen caliber," i.e., someone; who is in line with the former head of the domestic intelligence and right-winger Hans-Georg Maaßen. The fascist tendency of this state makes use of the AfD, but does not exhaust itself in it. Thus, in debates such as the one surrounding the election of the CDU chairman, one hears more and more often the insane illogic that one must advance people and positions that correspond to the AfD in order to prevent the AfD. In the media, too, the chauvinist divide is marching by making a big deal about an alleged problem of foreigner criminality.