In the last few weeks there were hardly any newspapers that did not complain about the new „anti-discrimination-law” of the Berlin police. They claim the cops are being harassed by it and are hindered in doing their jobs. Secretary of the interior Horst Seehofer even threatens not to send thugs from other federal states to events and demonstrations in Berlin anymore.

Fact is however, that there were two right-wing incidents in the so called squeaky-clean Berlin police force in the month July. During one operation a member of the Police-Special-Forces (SEK in German) was photographed wearing a t-shirt by the brand Grunt-Style. Many motives of this brand glorify Yankee-imperialism and chauvinism, for example drone-murders. Anticommunism is also a common motive, there are even shirts with the print “commie killer”. Of course this pig in uniform has no reason to be scared of consequences. Secret of state for the interior Akmann of the Social-Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) sees no problem, as he claims no to see any connection between the brand and the far right. Therefore for him there is no necessity to test the “character-suitability” of the cop.

An even more drastic case occurred in a Berlin section of police. During an initiation-ritual for new recruits they had to say a martial and anti-communist pledge. The Bourgeois media only documented the following parts: “My MP5 fucks everything apart … We won’t back down … We have watched left scum have sex already”. This pledge was also documented on a certificate, written in fraktur font (common font under Hitler-fascism and popular with today's Nazis, see picture on the bottom). Here the public prosecuter sees no criminal offense either. Instead there should be internal consequences, which are intransparent and never really amount to anything. According to the police president the leader of the branch has been exchanged, which does not mean he got fired, but instead just a received a different position. While on the one hand she denounces the incident, on the other hand she relativizes it. “Slogans of belonging and the celebration of greetings are not solely police phenomena. I think of clubs, branches of craft business, high-schools and many more. However parts of this statement crossed a line for me […].” She does not reveal which parts did not cross a line according to her. “My MP5 fucks everything apart” is supposed to be nothing more than a greeting between miners or similar. This is happening a time where German police are getting increasingly trigger-happy even against unarmed persons.

nazi plakate mit frakturschrift