After Angela Merkel offered the help of the army to the federal states, a massive additional contingent of soldiers will be deployed once again in Baden Württemberg, as in many other states.

In Baden Württemberg alone, up to 900 soldiers will be deployed across 68 missions. Some until the beginning of July and two of unlimited duration.
The gains the state wants to make from this are manifold:
-first, the Bundeswehr as compensation for the ailing health care system, since it was not considered necessary to take care of the health care system even since the beginning of the pandemic. Here the Bundeswehr, there some state of emergency, all mobilizations to temporarily cope with the next challenge. The German state is not at all in a position to guarantee adequate health care for the population.
-Secondly, the reputation of the Bundeswehr is to be raised again. It should be seen as a helper. As if that would make up for the fact that it murders abroad for the economic interests of the imperialists.
-third, the deployment of the Bundeswehr in the interior is normalized. The masses are gradually accustomed to ever greater presence in order to normalize the state of emergency and keep down rebellion against it.
-fourth, the armed forces of the German imperialists take on informer tasks, in this case contact surveillance "in the sense of fighting the pandemic." In this way, the Bundeswehr takes on areas in which it has no business and gains access to data that is otherwise denied to them for good reason.
No matter how "reasonable" the stated reason may seem at first: we don't need soldiers on the streets, but more nursing staff and a health care system that serves us and not the bosses.