At the January 7th is the 17 anniversary of the murder of Oury Jallo. 2001 Oury was burn after torture in a jail of the police department of Dessau. To this day, the murderers get no judgement and are covered by the German state and his trials. A couples of reports of an international independent researching commission devices the murder of Oury Jalloh and discard the lie that Oury Jalloh has burned himself.

Oury Jalloh 2022 1

Every year different different groups commemorated Oury Jalloh on the anniversary of his death in Dessau. This year cames over 1.500 people to Dessau from all Parts of the FRG, for example the “Initiative Gerechtigkeit für Adel”. The rally was very combative and goes around the City. The police wants with a massiv contingent of cops and barriers in the city to create an atmosphere of fear for the protesters.

Oury Jalloh 2022 2

Oury Jalloh 2022 4

All time of the rally the protesters has a combative attitude and tells paroles. The speakers of different groups denounced the imperialism as the reason for the deeper oppression and exploitation of the migrants and the exploitation of the third world. At the house of state lawyers is a a tradition to throw  lighters to denounce the lie of the cops, that Oury Jalloh has to do suicide by self burning. This year a protester throw a smokepot on a cop. Later comes to a provoke activity on the rim of the demonstration. A Protesters goes enclosed to the provocateur and finished the activity of the person with a physical manifestation. The rest of the rally stands to protesters and in front line to the cops to protect the protester.   

Oury Jalloh 2022 5