We publish this english translation of the text "Gerechtigkeit für Adel B." which was sent to us:

We publish a report and videos that have been sent to multiple platforms, which rejected the publication. However, since this case has to be public, we publish it here.

On the morning of 18.06 the Cops in Essen Altendorf shot the German-Algerian Adel B.. Adel suffered from mental health problems and called the police at dawn and said on the phone he wanted to take his own life. According to the pigs, Adel B. would have run towards them with a knife. Adel was shot through the closed door in the chest. That cops often lie to cover up their dirty deeds is nothing new. The deaths of Oury Jalloh, Ahmad A., and other murders like Tonou-Mbobda are just a few that can be named. The list of killings by the state and its lackeys of police and security services is endless. One thing these people often have in common. They often come from the oppressed nations of this world and are part of the deepest and widest masses in Germany. In Germany, all the chauvinism of the German state, oppression and murder is waiting for them. The military pacification of entire districts by the German state requires victims. Because where the Cops are constantly harassing people and enslaving them under racist laws, sometimes they "go too far". What this means can be seen with Adels murder.

It is the same police force in Essen who shoots migrants who also sing carols with fascists in Steele. It is the police spokesmen who tell the cameras of television reports that people from certain cultures should not move as they want. You can see the police are not only dropping phrases, but putting their hatred against the masses into action. The harassment, gait and violence on the part of the German state and its helpful lackeys are the daily lives of people in neighborhoods of the working class in this country.

Now to the case of Adel B.

In the early morning hours, Adel B. called his partner and told her that he wanted to kill himself. At this time, the police was already on spot. There was a battle of words between Adel B. and one of the policemen. In this moment, Adel B. had put his knife aside and was unarmed. The partner wanted to get to Adel B., but she was taken into custody by the police. Adel B. has told the police that he wants to return home and has made his way to the shared apartment. He was able to reach the apartment without the intervention of the police and rang at his own place. The sister of the partner opened the door. Adel B. is in the hallway and wanted to close the front door, then three policemen stormed the front door and tried to open the door. The police did not succeed in opening the door. A fourth policeman shot through between colleagues and through the closed door on to Adel B. The bullet hit Adel B. in the chest. Adel B. was reanimated by the police on spot, however, the wound was not closed and the incoming emergency doctor could only determine Adel B.`s death. A resident who works as a paramedic was sent away by the police.

The partner was in contact with Adel by telephone during the whole event.

Now a few words to describe Adel B.

All the people who talk about nobility say that he was a friendly and open-minded man. He never had problems with other people. He was a youth coach at a football club and always had an open ear for children. He was a person who was very cheerful and always made his people around him happy. He had a contagious laugh and was a humorous person. His fellow people were very important to him. He took care of his partner's children as if they were his. His survivors think he was one of the best people they knew.

He had his problems and wanted to carry them out with himself, he never let them out on other people. His act was a call for help. Adel B. wanted mental help. The answer was a bullet from the barrel of a policeman.

To bring to light the truth about the murder of Adel by the cops and to demand justice for Adel, on 08.08.2019 a demonstration takes place in Essen-Altendorf, on the Ehrenzellerstraße St. Maria Himmelfahrtskirche.