We publish this translation of a report that was sent to us:

I am a student at the University of Hamburg. Several fellow students told me about an action that happened Wednesday in a lecture on history and culture of the middle east. The lecture is led by professor Ludwig Paul, who more then once left a sour taste in the mouth of some fellow students.
During the lecture, two hooded people bust into the room and called slogans like „Long live international solidarity“, throwing leaflets in the lecture room. I attach a copy of this leaflet.
After this, the comrades called for a meeting in the social centre B5, while discussions started in the lecture hall.

Following the content of the leaflet:

Professor Doctor Ludwig „Paulchen“, calling himself Orientalist, is commonly seen as cute. With his scatty attitude and bad rhetoric abilities, his lectures have the charm of an episode of Teletubbies. But this Teletubbie is wearing safari hat and swastika armband. In his first lecture on the history and culture of the middle east – meaning western Asia – he trivialises colonial and imperialist crimes and ennobles pigs like the war consultant Silvestre de Sancy, the colonial master William Jones and even the Nazi Bertold Spuler as curious scientists.

Silvestre de Sacy translated texts for Napoleon to make the Arab people servants of the French colonialism, through fomenting them against the Russian orthodoxy. He also was a recurring consultant for French politicians like the foreign minister and the war minister. De Sacy was a lackey for French colonialism and he has the blood of the Arab people on his hands. William Jones was a judge in Kolkata and studied Sanskrit-texts to make the feudal Indian traditions usable for the British colonial regime. He was a colonial master and enslaved the Indian people for British fat cats. On Bertold Spuler, Paul knew to say he is one of the „old school“, where it was not clear if it is a good or bad thing. Bertold Spuler, a racist by profession, was member of the NSDAP, staff of the Gestapo and trained soviet war prisoners to be so called „feldmullahs“ to foment the soviet people against each other and support the German war of annihilation through divide and conquer. 1967 Spuler wanted protesting students to be put into concentration camps. Spuler was a filthy pig which infamous actions Paul even reported, without condemning them clearly.

Against the post modern criticism of Edward Said, Paul says, that he did not study any German sources, that is why his judgement, Orientalism in general is racist, is not made to last. Edward Said has to be criticised. But to speak about Berthold Spuler and criticising Edward Said with this kind of formalism afterwards, is absurd. It is a disgusting attempt to justify bourgeois science in service of colonialism and imperialism. When it comes to Pauls view, German science is either not chauvinistic or his critique on Said is absurd. Paul justifies chauvinist science and even against Nazi pigs his criticism stays vague and half baked.

The Orientalist Paul looks on west Asia from the standpoint of the imperialist bourgeoisie and accepts the inheritance of men like Bertold Spuler. His self-conception as Orientalist is fitting. We stand on the standpoint of the international proletariat and the oppressed people of the world. Our science is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and serves the liberation of humanity.

Proletarians of all countries and oppressed people unite!

Comment of the authors of demvolkedienen.org:

According to our knowledge, this is the first time in 30 years, that proletarian revolutionaries in the FRG executed a similar action on a university.

Struggle on the streets, in the neighbourhood and the factory – and on the university as well dammit!