In the Kurdish area of Iraq in the village of Sikêniyê in Sinjar district, which is close to the border with Turkey, the Turkish military carried out three air strikes on a hospital.

After the hospital was attacked for the first time, people rushed there to help the injured and were thereby targeted in the second and third attacks.

In Urfa province in south-eastern Turkey, protests by peasants against the Dicle Electricity Distribution Company (DEDAŞ) are growing in the face of power cuts in the region that are not being fixed by the electricity company. Protests have been held so far in different villages in Siverek, Hilvan, Viransehir, Akçakale and Haliliye districts, including on the Akcakale - Ceylanpinar road, where peasants blocked the road and were attacked by gendarmerie soldiers with armoured vehicles. Two people were injured and seven were arrested.

Verletzter bei Protesten gegen Stromausfälle Urfa 2021


Meanwhile, in the upper region of Fatsa municipality in Ordu province, has happened what was predicted in the nationwide growing protests against the operation of new quarries: Peasants' cultivable land is becoming more vulnerable to the new quarrying areas and in many cases is being destroyed. During a storm, a hazelnut growing area located in the mining area was flooded and destroyed because the forest that had absorbed the water masses in earlier times was cut down for mining. Of course, the mining company had not taken measures to continue protecting the cultivation areas in the course of the clearing. Instead, the company kept closed a drainage channel for the floodwater that the peasants opened at another spot.