Time and again, important protests and disputes take place in Turkey in the countryside, which receive little attention from the outside. In a village in Ordu Province in northern Turkey, resistance by the inhabitants against drilling for mining activities has been going on for a long time. In the morning hours of October 28, the village was again occupied by gendarmerie units to ensure drilling operations.

In many places the Turkish state is forced to use violence to enforce the interests of the mining industry, as the masses no longer allow some interventions. Many of the people in the village were able to break through the barriers and barricades built and organize a sit-in blockade in front of the drilling site. The gendarmerie attacked this non-militant action with tear gas and arrested 20 people, according to their own statements. Even if it was "only" a sit-in blockade, the increasing organization of the peoples masses in rural areas in Turkey must be emphasized and shows the perspective of the new democratic revolution in Turkey.