In 21 cities across Europe commemorative festivities are to be held in honor of the two most recent martyrs in the People’s War in Turkey, Central Committee Member Nubar and Unit Commander Rosa. After the reactionary Turkish state laid siege with drones, helicopters, airplanes and a thousand soldiers to the area of their presumed whereabouts for three days, deploying also chemical weapons, their death was announced on September 9th.

Although only a fraction of the scheduled events have taken place so far, already hundreds of people have attended the activities outside of Turkey that have been held until now. Commemorative festivities took place in Austria (Linz, Ternitz, Vienna, Innsbruck), Switzerland (Zurich), France (Paris) and Germany (Stuttgart, Frankfurt). In Athens, Greece, a manifestation was organized for this occasion. As part of the activities surrounding the anniversary of the trancedental speech of Chairman Gonzalo salutations were also made in Bremen - where their likenesses were shown during a presentation - and in Freiburg, where a moment of silence was held in their honor.


Nubar und Rosa Nubar und Rosa
Frankfurt Stuttgart
Nubar und Rosa Nubar und Rosa
Innsbruck Linz
Nubar und Rosa Nubar und Rosa
Ternitz Vienna
Nubar und Rosa Zurich
Paris Zurich