In Northern Germany the Red Women's Committee accomplished for the first time a demonstration in Bremerhaven, the region in the Federal Republic of Germany with the highest poverty rate.

There was broad affirmation by the masses for the demonstration in the Goetheviertel (one of the poorest areas in Bremerhaven), where the demonstration mainly took place. They stood in great numbers at their windows and filmed the situation, applauded, whistled in an up-cheering way while slogans were shouted and raised their fist. In some cases people came out of their houses to take part of the demonstration. Also on the streets the demonstration got a lot of affirmation, especially migrant women and youthtook part spontaneously, some of them took flags with hammer and sickle and carried them with joy. The affirmation of the people in the neighborhood was also shown during the selling of the Rote Post through the windows of the first floor and on the streets, where also a lot of them expressed their joy about the demonstration. Sadly not all who wanted to march with were able to do so, a mother told that she would have liked to come with but her child have had to sleep.




Also the contingent of the police that harassed and tried to discourage the demonstration, could not shake the joy and spirit of all participants and the masses in the neighborhood. The police did not care about the distance rules, which should be enforced by themselves, what was denounced by the demonstration and also residents of the neighborhood insulted the police.

At the end a lot of those from the neighborhood who spontaneously took part asked when there would be a next demonstration. A young man expressed what the mood of the masses in the city is: “You want communism? Doing demonstrations is not enough for that.” There ist nothing to add to this criticism and once again it is shown that the problem are not the masses but it is the communists, who have to fulfill their tasks in service of the revolution and it can be said that this first demonstration in Bremerhaven on international women’s struggle day was a success.