As reported by the revolutionary news website "The Red Herald", there have been new attacks against the peasant movement in Brazil.

On July 3, poor peasants from the indigenous Nova Yvu Vera tribe were attacked with tear gas by Brazilian military police. The indigenous peasants are regularly attacked by the military police and other armed groups, which are in the service of and financed by large companies and landowners.The reason for the attacks is the just struggle of the indigenous peasants for their land, which is occupied by big companies. According to reports from the revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia, the poor peasants are not intimidated and reaffirm their fighting spirit for their right to land: "If they arrest 10 leaders, 20-30 leaders will be born!"

On July 6, the newspaper A Nova Democracia published a report about the attacks of the imperialist Canadian mining company "Belo Sun" on poor peasants located in the northern state of Para. "Belo Sun" belongs to the globally operating Canadian merchant bank "Forbes & Manhattan", which, among other things, specializes in plundering entire regions through investments in raw materials and agriculture economy. In the Volta Grande do Xingu region of the state of Para, the mining company wants to carry out an imperialist mega-project in the field of gold mining. The company plans to build the largest gold mine in Brazil in the middle of the Amazon region. This will involve the use of explosives, chemical waste storage and the construction of entire roads, shelters and gas stations to mine 5 million tons of gold per year from an open pit mine. Indigenous organizations such as the "Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil" warn that these measures will lead to the destruction of the land and way of life of indigenous peasants. In addition, the fragile environment of the Amazon rainforest and thus the livelihood of the indigenous communities will be endangered. The organization complains that a humanitarian crisis with dramatic consequences has already occurred in the region due to the commissioning of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant.This destruction of the livelihoods of indigenous peasants would now be further advanced with the construction and commissioning of the gold mine in the Amazon rainforest. Literally, they say "Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil vehemently repudiates the Belo Sun mining project, as it will benefit a small group of rentier capital market investors at the cost of ecogenocide, destroying the Amazon rainforest and condemning the Indigenous Peoples and other traditional communities of the region to misery, making it impossible to maintain traditional ways of life and violating at once their Rights to Autonomy, Self-Determination, Food Sovereignty, Health, Land, Housing and Territory... "


The mine of Belo Sun in Para


In order to pressure the indigenous peasants and evict them from their lands for their profit interests, the imperialist mining company threatens the poor peasants with the help of private security companies, which have threatened and attacked them with firearms. These attacks on the poor peasants in Brazil by imperialist companies do not come from nowhere. It is not without reason that the consulting advisory board of "Forbes & Manhattan" includes consultants who have great expertise in the exploitation and oppression of oppressed nations in the service of Canadian imperialism. For example, Lewis MacKenzie, a former general in the Canadian Armed Forces who became known for war crimes in the Yuglosavian War and Somalia, is on the board. Another well-known figure on the Advisory Council is former Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew, who nowadays acts in parallel for the World Trade Organization as a mediator in trade disputes between countries.



In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the national assembly of the two teachers' unions SNTE-CNTE has declared that the answers given by the state and federal governments to their list of demands are insufficient and minimal, and that in response they will go on an indefinite strike starting September 1 to reorganize the struggle of democratic teachers at the national level and unite in an action to overturn the education counter-reform being promoted by both the old Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the current President AMLO. The teachers' union of Oaxaca has also declared itself on high alert to defend the celebration of the teachers' of the traditional indigenous festival of Guelaguetza. The alert is prompted by the state government's call to create a paramilitary police unit to oversee the indigenous and Afro-Mexican celebrations, but this has been met with widespread opposition from the popular movement and indigenous peoples in the state.


In the state of Chiapas, the Human Rights Center " Fray Bartolomé de las Casas" has called for a campaign for the immediate and unconditional release of Zapatista José Díaz Gómez, who is part of the indigenous Cho'l people. José Díaz Gómez was arrested on November 25 in 2022, and has since been the victim of arbitrary detention, torture, cruel and inhumane treatment. In a communiqué, the Human Rights Center stated that José has been waiting for his hearing since 2022 and that the Public Prosecutor's Office has been using a tactic of delaying proceedings, thus putting José at risk of being illegally detained for over a year.