Actions were carried out in Solna and Uppsala for the ICL. A mural was painted with the slogan in Swedish: ”Unite under Maoism!”

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A banner was hung over a bridge with a potrait of Chairman Mao with the slogan in Swedish: ”Unite under Maoism! Down with revisionism!”.

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In Tampere a mural was painted stating in Finnish: ”Long live the International Communist League – ICL!” and with a hammer and sickle.

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Posters for the ICL was also put up in Aalborg in the city center, the neighbourhood Grønlands Torv and at the university campus in the city.

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The Danish Government, headed by the Social Democrats, has announced that they are going to remove a holiday in the country in order to finance the militarisation of the country. This even harms the labour aristocracy in the country and as a result all of the trade unions have ”declared war on the government”. “Socialist Revolution” writes, that the burden of paying for the expansion of the military by the proletariat, is an expression on how imperialism is directly opposed to the interests of the proletariat in the imperialist countries.

In Aalborg a collection of worker’s trade organisations had organised a protest infront of the head quarters of the Social Democratic Party, where they symbolically ”burried the Social Democratic Party as a worker’s party”. Activists from Anti-Imperialist Collective had also showed up with a banner with the slogan ”Down with the government! Defend our rights!”. At the protest they distributed leaflets against the imperialist war and militarisation and taking away of a holiday.

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With the conclusion of the negotiations of the formation of a new Government a government ”across the middle” has been formed. This government has a majority of seats in parliament which means that it does not need to negotiate with the rest of parliament to make more laws.

Socialist Revolution writes that this rather unusual new government is not accidental. t there is a minority government, which means that they need to negotiate with parliament to pass through laws, however with a majority government power is more centralised in the executive branch, which serves the militarisation and the largest rearmament seen since the Second World War. Socialist Revolution reports that this new government has already announced the removal of one of the twelve holidays in the country in order to increase funds for the military. Like what was expected, the working class in Denmark has to pay for the cost of militarisation and the imperialist crisis.

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Yankee-imperialism has recently signed a contract with the Greenlandic business “Inuksuk”for a value at around 3.8 billion Euros in the maintaining and modernisation of the Thule Airbase in Northern Greenland. With the melting of the arctic ice new sail routes are exposing themselves and the arctic region is playing an increasingly more important role for the imperialists. Russian imperialism has the largest coast exposed to the Arctic Sea and has a ”leap” so to say ahead of the US, who’s military doesn’t own ice breaker ships and who’s sole deep water military naval base in the arctic region can be found at Thule in Greenland. The US now seeks to increase its military presence in the Arctic Region, mainly serving its goal of encircling Russian imperialism.

US imperialism is picking up an increasing interest in Greenland, which is expressed in many of its interests being represented in the previous national election of Greenland.

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