We document an unofficial translation of a leaflet of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) about another murder of a peasant for which the notorious murderer and big landowner Antônio Martins dos Santos is responsible.


Police officers of "Galo Velho" murdered another resident of the Tiago Campim dos Santos Area (leaflet)


IMG 20230105 WA0012Retired military police officer, named Raimundo, who was shot in the leg

In recent days it has been reported that on January 4th 2023 there was a shootout in the region of Nova Mutum Paraná, a district of Porto Velho, on the Norbrasil farm. This farm is located on public land owned by the Union, which was bought by the landowner Antônio Martins dos Santos, known as Galo Velho, a notorious land thief. In the news, it was reported that a retired military policeman named Raimundo had been shot in the leg, and at least two other military policemen had gone into the woods and soon after reappeared on another latifundium neighboring the Santa Carmem farm, which is also public land of the Union that has been appropriated by the Leite family.

In the midst of different versions and badly told stories, with omission of information and other disagreements, the old state and the press at the service of the latifundia use these episodes to once again demonize, criminalize, repress, and assassinate the peasants of the region. At no moment do they say exactly what those policemen were doing there. Well, they were doing the obvious, what they have always done: shooting! They were there to kill peasants, to defend the land grabbing and the abuses of the landowners, bandits, murderers and thieves of public lands, especially Galo Velho. Less than two months ago (November 17, 2022) there was an operation by the Federal Public Ministry of Rondonia, called "Lamassu", which targeted precisely the bandit "Galo Velho" and his brother, who had formed an armed gang of civil and military police officers on those same lands. And what we see now is that everything is still the same, with the Galo Velho bandit loose and his armed gang operating in the region, only with different police officers.

And the most serious matter is that in addition to treating the goons and gunmen police officers as "security guards", they hide the fact that these same bandits, treated as victims by the old state and the press in the service of the latifundium, murdered on the 4th a resident of the Tiago Campim dos Santos Area, Patrick Gasparini Cardoso, known as Cacheado, who was one of the residents that had been in the Area since the beginning. He was murdered and they dumped his body in another place in an attempt to cover up the crime committed by the police gunmen.

cacheadoPatrick Gasparini Cardoso, known as Cacheado, was one of the residents who had been in the Area since the beginning.

But there is nothing new in this, this is the modus operandi of the murderous police officers in Rondonia, and of the latifundium's armed groups almost always made up of police officers. It was these same cowards who ambushed, tortured and murdered comrades Gedeon and Rafael, leaders of the LCP. And in the same way they cowardly murdered Comrades Amarildo, Amaral, and Kevin, while they were working on their lands. In addition to numerous other crimes and murders committed by police officers in recent years against peasants in the region.

All this under the direct leadership of the governor of Rondonia, Colonel Marcos Rocha, puppet of the landowners, who fills his mouth calling the peasants of the region criminals, but does not say a word about his own crimes, about the crimes of the police under his command, and the more than known crimes of the landowners who are thieves of public lands of the Union. All he does is serve the interests of the large estate unconditionally, even if this means committing all sorts of illegalities, as he has done repeatedly, of which the mega-operation "Nova Mutum", defeated by the peasant resistance in 2021, is a prime example.

But we never tire of repeating, the terror of the latifundium and the old State will not be able to stop the struggle for land! We will continue to fight for the destruction of the latifundium and the conquest of land for the landless peasants or those with little land! We are doing the math and you will pay dearly! Sooner than later the day will come when the peasantry will rise up by the millions, will sweep away the latifundium and will charge for the centuries of exploitation, humiliation and violence committed against us! Whoever lives, will see!

Eternal honor and glory to the fallen comrades in the Struggle for Land!

Punishment for those who carried out and ordered the murders of the fighters of the people!

Out of our Areas, police goons of the latifundia who steal the land from the Union!

The lands of the Tiago Campim dos Santos Area belong to the people!

Conquer the land! Destroy the latifundium!

Long live the Agrarian Revolution!

LCP - League of Poor Peasants of Western Amazonia