The imperialist war with which Russia invaded Ukraine is a consequence of the plans of the Yankees who, with NATO, have been encircling Russian territory for decades. The inter-imperialist contradiction is thus coming to a head. Ukraine, a country that wanted to join NATO, has now become the battleground on which the conflict between the two superpowers is being played out. In 2008, the NATO summit in Bucharest found Georgia and Ukraine to be attractive candidates for membership. Shortly afterwards, the Caucasus War broke out, in which Russia recognised two independent states on the territory of Georgia, thus eliminating Georgia as a NATO candidate. After the pro-Russia government of Yanukovych was overthrown in 2014 with the support of the FRG and the Yankees in Kiev, and Russia subsequently annexed Crimea, Ukraine set itself the goal of becoming a member of NATO in 2017. This is something that Russia has been trying to prevent ever since.

Auch ökonomische Interessen in der Ukraine1

But besides the territorial interests that the Yankees on the one hand and Russia on the other have in Ukraine, there are also economic interests that should not be overlooked. Here are two examples:

1. shale gas deposits in eastern Ukraine.
The Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, recognised by Russia, are in the immediate vicinity of the Yuzovsky gas field; the 'liberation' of the Russian population in eastern Ukraine is a pretext for Russia to annex this gas field. Ukraine has the largest gas reserves in Europe and is therefore a direct competitor of Russia, it has the potential to break the EU's dependency on Russia and in addition severely affect Russia's main source of income.

Auch ökonomische Interessen in der Ukraine3


2 Crimea's oil and gas resources and the North Crimean Canal.
Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, thereby also gaining the gas deposits there and direct access to the Black Sea. In response, Ukraine cut the main water supply, the North Crimean Canal, and completed a dam in it in 2017; Russia blew it up as soon as possible after invading Ukraine.

Auch ökonomische Interessen in der Ukraine2


But regardless of what the reason for an imperialist war is, it is always a war against the proletariat and the people. The Russian imperialists have no right to wage this war, should withdraw their soldiers and stop the war.