In many warehouses and workplaces of the supermarket chain Migros, Turkish offshoot of the same-named company from Switzerland and part of the Anadolu Group, workers are currently staging work stoppages. The labour struggle there is anything but new; working conditions are catastrophic, wages are low, and the treatment by the bosses, especially if one resists exploitation, is criminal. Currently, struggles for higher wages are growing there in the face of massive inflation.

At the Migros warehouse in Istanbul-Esenyurt, 400 warehouse workers went on strike recently; 120 of them were sent threatening messages on the phone that they would be fired. The workers continued their strike, demanding an end to the intimidation and blockaded the warehouse, whereupon 150 workers were arrested and taken to the police station.





The increase in electricity prices triggers a wave of protests. In İdil, Şırnak province, hundreds of people protesting against high electricity bills were attacked by police in the city centre.



Several strikes have also taken place in Gaziantep this week. Firstly, workers at a flour factory went on strike during the morning shift in protest against only miserable wage increases; secondly, workers at a textile factory went on strike and set a fire in front of the factory the following evening; workers on the night shift spontaneously joined the protest. Slogans such as "We will win through resistance!" were shouted.

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