We publish an inofficial translation of a call by the Mexican Comrades.


To the working class and the people of Mexico

To the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world

To the fraternal democratic and revolutionary organizations

The Mexico of “democratic freedoms”, the Mexico of “freedom of expression”, the “independent” Mexico that screams patriotic shouts of its false “independence”, is actually THE MEXICO OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF LANDLORDS AND BIG BOURGEOISIE SUBORDINATED TO YANKEE-IMPERIALISM.

This we have known and denounced forever. The semi-colonial condition that weighs on the people of Mexico determines the dismantling of "national sovereignty" and the total economic, political, cultural, military, etc. subordination of our country by imperialism, mainly Yankee. This explains the imposition of megaprojects of dispossession and death, the signing of economic treaties favorable to imperialism and the approval of anti-popular policies dictated by international economic organizations against our people!

This is observed from all angles of social life, in the case that we denounce today, from the "blessed" social networks (as AMLO calls them) controlled by imperialism.

It is not surprising. The ownership of the media is held by the oligarchy, in this case the magnate Jack Dorsey who owns Twitter and part of the Yankee digital communication monopoly. We are not surprised because it is clear that there are no progressive magnates or good imperialists; both constitute the class enemy of the proletariat and the peoples’s masses of the whole world.

By virtue of the foregoing, we denounce that:

I. For years, based on our activity and our political struggle disseminated on social networks and digital media, Yankee-imperialism, in collusion with the Mexican state, has repeatedly sabotaged our digital media, hacking them on more than one occasion.

II. Throughout the year 2021 we had been registering suspicious activities on our blog: https://solrojista.blogspot.com/ on our Facebook account: Sol Rojo and on the Twitter account: @SolRojoOax

III. Now, specifically our Twitter account: @SolRojoOax has been blocked for reporting “suspicious activities” that “violate security rules”.

Twitter bloquea

The dates of attacks against our digital media coincide with the moment in which our organization resolved to sign the Declaration for Life issued by the Zapatista Army for National Liberation and of which we are adherents, being participants in the various calls of the EZLN, such as the YES In the consultation on August 1st, calling to fight for truth and justice for the victims of state terrorism, the National Campaign for Truth and Justice itself, spreading the names of the victims, including the names of our comrades Ernesto Sernas García and Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, in solidarity with the 421 and “Extemporánea” delegations that have left for Insubordinate Europe and more recently, in solidarity with the migrant workers who are imprisoned in the city-prison of Tapachula, Chiapas, besieged by the National Migration Institute and the National Guard (the fourth reactionary army corps in the war against the people).

Now that the news has spread about the biological death of the great Chairman Gonzalo, head of the Peruvian revolution and the world proletarian revolution, we have also denounced that the old Peruvian state, in complicity with Yankee-imperialism, was assassinated after almost 29 years in prison, isolation, torture and cruel treatment. We have taken a position pointing out that Chairman Gonzalo has been the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist -mainly Maoist- living on the face of the earth, and that just as yesterday it was up to defend his health and life, today it is up to defend his almighty thought, which is true and has universal validity for the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world.

Surely imperialism and the old Mexican state think that they will be able to silence our voice by hacking, sabotaging, blocking or canceling our digital media. Before this we answer that ours is a class struggle, and this is defined mainly in the streets, with organization and political struggle. Social networks and digital media are controlled by the oligarchy and imperialism. The streets are ours!

However, it should be noted that attacks on the digital security of people‘s movements are usually accompanied by physical repression, be it massive or selective, against them.

Therefore, we hold the old Mexican state, its different levels of government and Yankee-imperialism responsible for any aggression that may develop against our organization or militancy anywhere in the republic.


In the face of repression, mobilization!

With the Red Sun, the people will win!

Current of the People Red Sun

Central Committee


September 16th, 2021


Twitter censura