TKP/ML Central Committee member and Political Commissioner of Dersim, Comrade Nubar, and TIKKO Dersim District Commander Comrade Özgür, who fell during the bombing of the old Turkish state on the guerrilla areas in Dersim, have been buried at the cemetery in Istanbul-Sarıgazi after a commemoration ceremony in a nearby Cemevi, contrary to the efforts of the police to block the event, after several months of struggle for the bodies, which the Turkish state did not want to reveal until recently.

Accompanied by powerfully shouted slogans such as "Guerrillas don't die, long live the people's war!", the coffins were carried into the garden of the cultural institution, where after a minute's silence an oath was taken, the slogan "Our leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya" was shouted and then speeches were delivered. Already in advance, the police - presumably on direct order of the Ministry of the Interior - had occupied Sarıgazi with hundreds of men, plus dozens of armoured vehicles and helicopters, in order to surround the Cemevi, and at the same time tried to obstruct the transport of the corpses. Even though the permitted limit of 60 people at the ceremony was supposedly exceeded, most of people remained locked away from Cemevi as the police closed all the surrounding roads. After the ceremony, the people admitted to Cemevi joined the crowd that had been forced to stay outside on the pretext of protection against infection, and marched together to the cemetery accompanied by loud shouts of slogans, where the coffins wrapped in red flags were carried to the grave by comrades and family.

Comrade Asmin, who was immortalised in the same bombing, was also buried shortly before, also under blockade by the gendarmerie following an "order from above" in the village of Kacarlar in Pertek after the release of the body by the Malatya Forensic Medicine Institute - the same one that held the bodies of Nubar and Özgür.

Especially the extremely powerful commemoration ceremony in Istanbul, where it was once again emphasised that these losses do not weaken the will to fight but rather increase it, is extremely important to keep in mind. The communists in Turkey, the TKP/ML, have experienced serious losses this year due to the verdict in the "Munich Trial" and the heavy, still ongoing attacks on the TIKKO areas in Dersim. But the comrades show more with every loss that their determination is growing daily, that the people's war in Turkey is invincible because the comrades are willing to fight.

Nubar Özgür Beerdigung Istanbul