In the end of April, Turgut Kaya was arrested by security forces in Greece due to an Interpol warrant. It is his second arrest in roughly four years, after the political activist from Turkey has already been arrested in context of the raids against alleged members of the TKP/ML in April 2014. Back then however, he was acquitted after 40 days of detention.

Turgut Kaya

Also, Kaya was in prison in Turkey multiple times: In 1992 he was in jail for two months, because of his participation in student protests for academic and democratic rights. In 1994 he was kidnapped by the Turkish police who attempted to make him disappear. Only after more then a week and severe torture, the police admitted they had him in custody. He was accused of being a member of an illegal organisation, but again his was acquitted of all charges. With the same charges however, he was yet again imprisoned 1997, where he was incarcerated and tortured for three years before the charges were dropped.

In 2005 Comrade Kaya started to work for the progressive Özgür Gelecek, before he was again arrested in 2006 and put behind bars for many years in isolation and torture. Until his release in 2012 he was in one of the notorious F-Type Prions. Now, he shall be extradited to Turkey, where he was severely tortured multiple times already. We demand the immediate release of Turgut Kaya! No extradition to Turkey!