Tuesday Morning at 6 o‘clock police in Italy, Spain and Switzerland raided several places, private flats and left locals alike, on behalf of Hamburgs Special Commission ‘Black Block’ that is following up on the struggles in June last year. Seven people were arrested and the search for a protester from still continues. Oppose the terror of the reaction! Stand united!

The reaction is yet again attempting to show force in the latest raids that happened on Tuesday. Wielding a massive police apparatus of around 145 police officers dedicated to investigate images, videos and DNA material in Hamburg, the German reaction in its latest press releases and now in the series of raids attempts to spread terror and fear not only into revolutionary movement in the FRG but elsewhere in Europe. It is supported by multiple police agencies and the European Agency ‘Eurojust’.

In their witch hunt they, among others, now raided places in Rome and Genua. In Bremgarten in Switzerland the reaction targeted the ‘Cultural Centre Bremgarten’ and the flat of a 27 year old. In Spain, three people were arrested. For one protester in France, the police is still searching.

Show your solidarity with those targeted by the reaction!
Stand united!