Henceforth we document the statement issued by the Editorial Staff of the Magazine El Maoista in English:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Impose Maoism as command and guide of the Proletarian World Revolution

“Today there is one reality; the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a new Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are of the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist Parties brandish and lead! That is what we must do!”; higlighting the importance of oppressed nations that will be the base for the Proletarian World Revolution and the immediate necessity to generate Maoist Communist Parties that develop People's War in order to develop the New Great Wave of the world revolution accordingly and impose Maoism as command and guide.


On the occasion of this solemn celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, we salute our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and the international proletariat and peoples of the world who, embodying Maoism, have been generating their Communist Parties in order to impose it with People’s War as the command and guide of the New Great Wave of the world revolution guaranteeing its victorious march, crushing revisionism, in order to sweep imperialism and the reaction from the face of the Earth.

We salute Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian revolution, who under absolute isolation in the hands of the reaction at the Naval Base of Callao, with the firm and steeled will of a Great communist Leader is defying all difficulties standing firm in the greatest shining trench of combat in the People's War. Chairman Gonzalo is who has generated Gonzalo Thought as the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the Peruvian Revolution, an indispensable Thought for the communists of the Earth to comprehend Maoism.

In this brilliant opportunity we reaffirm ourselves in the necessity for the communists to apply Maoism with the contributions of universal value of Chairman Gonzalo creatively to every concrete revolution.

We affirm that of all the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to the world revolution, there are two that are inseparably linked: Having defined Maoism and initiated and developed the People's War in Peru, proving the correctness and universal validity of Maoism and the People's war. Recognizing it at the highest party level in the I. Congress of the Communist Party of Peru (CPP) and promoting the struggle for Maoism since 1982 for its recognition as the third, new and superior stage of Marxism. That is why the campaign for Maoism and the campaign for the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo are indelible.

In this solemn celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo we express our salutations to the CPP and its struggle for its general reorganization in and for the People's War, who, taking the Speech of the Great Leadership as a weapon in combat of the communists, combatants and masses, has been fulfilling the established tasks.

We consider that it is also indispensable to salute brimming with enthusiasm Chairman Gonzalo and the CPP for the upcoming celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the I. Congress of the Communist Party of Peru, a Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Gonzalo Thought Congress, which, embodying decades of ardent fighting of the proletariat in Peru, established a great milestone of victory for the Peruvian and world revolution, that could only be concretized with the People's War. Raising to the top the unfading banners of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, three banners of victory that will always remain firmly in the hands of the international proletariat of which each of us is a vibrant part.

For us it is a great occasion to make a evaluation of the struggle for the recognition of Maoism, of how it is being embodied in the peoples of the world, passing onwards generating Maoist Communist Parties in order to develop the People's War to pass onwards to command the New Great Wave of the world revolution.

Marxism has not taken a step in life or achieved anything except with struggle. Maoism, as the third stage, is neither nor will it be an exception. It is and will be hard, long, complex and difficult. Spontaneously it will never be imposed. The condition is to crush revisionism in its different expressions. Since 1982 when the CPP initiated the fight for its recognition, we have advanced a great deal and after the I. Congress of the CPP much more, which is a great milestone of victory on this road. Until obtaining in 1993 his, at least formal, recognition by the RIM.

If we see the international situation as a whole, the decomposition of imperialism sharpens more with every passing day, confirming that it is in its final collapse and that it is only to be swept away by the world revolution by means of People's War, when the revolution has become the principal historical and political tendency in today’s world and the world revolution has entered the phase of its strategic offensive.

Imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, in its condition of sole hegemonic superpower, in collusion and struggle with its imperialist rivals, extends and deepens more and more its war of aggression and plunder for the loot that oppressed nations are and to conquer positions seeking to ensure his world hegemony forever.

But imperialism only marches from failure to failure before the resistance of the oppressed peoples, nations and countries for the revolution, their liberation and their sovereignty.

The masses of the oppressed nations rise in a powerful storm and deliver accurate and forceful blows to the imperialist aggressor and its lackeys, so that these days, the patriots of Yemen have set fire to the camps of the Yankee lackeys of the Saudi monarchy. The reaction sharpens the revolution and it develops the New Great Wave of the world revolution further. It is right to rebel!

While imperialism is sinking in the midst of crises and wars of all types, Maoism advances to lead this New Great Wave generating Maoist Communist Parties in order to initiate new People’s Wars, following the breach opened up by the People's Wars that are already developing in India, Peru, the Philippines and Turkey. The development of these People’s Wars illuminates the armed struggles of the oppressed nations, acting as the shock force of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary counteroffensive, which is defeating the general counterrevolutionary offensive unleashed in the beginning of the 1990s of the previous century by Yankee imperialism.

It is with People's War the new revisionism is being crushed, with its expressions like the ROL in Peru, the so-called "Prachandism" and "Avakianism", etc. which are part of the general counterrevolutionary offensive as an anti-Maoist countercurrent in the attempt to restrain the Proletarian World Revolution. The new revisionism attacks Marxism, the Party, socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat, but the center of its attack is condensed in the denial of the People's War, as an essential and inseparable question of Maoism.

We have advanced in the crushing of the new revisionism in the ICM, but the new revisionism all in all still has some influence there through the centrist and liquidationist positions, for that it is that the struggle must be deepened.

The development of the People's War in India, in Peru, the Philippines and Turkey is showing the transformative power of Maoism and the invincibility of the People's War, serving as an example to the various armed struggles that are developing today in the world for their transformation into People’s War led by the Communist Party.

The People's War led by the Maoist Communist Party of India is of great importance for the world revolution, because of the location, reach of the country and the immense weight of the mass. Its victorious development resounds more day by day not only in Southeast Asia, but in all of the world, especially because of its historical entanglement in social-imperialist China itself, and that is already happening. The Maoists in China are struggling to reconstitute their Party usurped by revisionism in order to counter-restorate socialism with People's War.

The CPP, firmly subjected to the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the Party Unity Basis (PUB) approved in the I. Congress and to all the documents and Party events, has been developing its general reorganization in and for the People's War crushing the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, which was structured in the prisons with the support of the CIA and the Peruvian reaction, with a black line of betrayal towards President Gonzalo, the BUP, the Party and the People's War, also crushing a left opportunist line headed by the anti-Maoists – anti party and anti Gonzalo Though – of “Jose” and company, vassals that sink into negotiations and paid treacheries with the reaction. The CPP crushing these reluctants against Maoism, the Great Leadership, Gonzalo Though, the Party, the People's War, the New Power and the uninterrupted democratic revolution until communism is advancing in in the general reorganization of the Party in and for the people's war.

The communists are advancing in the task of reconstituting or constituting the Communist Parties, in the midst of the storm and the fire of the class struggle and two-line struggle, in many cases with the benefit of fulfilling the pending task in the midst of armed confrontation between revolution and counterrevolution.

In this process of the Communist Parties it is to emphasize the advances in the reconstitution of the Party in Latin America as in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, etc. We advance in reconstituting the Communist Party in the United States itself, in the bowels of the monster; in the imperialist countries of Europe such as France, Austria, Germany, Norway, etc.; advances in the task of the Party in Turkey to crush the right liquidationism, which is important because it is a door to the Expanded Middle East. Our celebratory actions and campaigns have had an impact on Asia and Africa as well, so it is extremely important to continue developing the international campaign to support the People's War in India. With the Meetings of the Parties and Organizations realized in Latin America and Europe we have made progress in uniting the left and overcoming the dispersion in the ICM, learning to act jointly in various countries and continents, as a single force under one sole direction starting off from the ideological and political unification.

All this gives us solid bases for the ICM and the march towards a new international, such as the convening of a Unified International Maoist Conference to constitute a new organization of the international proletariat that will surely be a certain blow to the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism and the world reaction, as well as against revisionism and all opportunism.

A nw international organization of the proletariat that assumes the principal task of fighting to place Maoism as the command and guide of the Proletarian World Revolution, serving the constitution / reconstitution of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in all of the world and at the initiation, development and coordination of the Popular Wars in the world to reconstitute the Communist International.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo!

Unite under Maoism!

The People’s War will inevitably win!

Editorial Staff of the Magazine El Maoista

September 24, 2019