The speech documented in the following was held at the commemorative events that were organized by Partizan to happen in parrallel in Switzerland and Austria:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Speech of the Committee Red Flag on the commemorative events of Partizan on occasion of the 45. Anniversary of the murder of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya


in the name of the Committee Red Flag we want to express our warmest revolutionary greetings to heroically struggling masses in Turkey, its democratic supporters in Europe as well as to all participation of this festivity. Explicitly, and from the button of our heards, we salute the masses, militants and leaders of the TKP/ML as well as those who struggle armed against imperialism under the leadership of its Central Committee. For us communist in formation, be it in the FRG or elsewhere, they are a bonfire and a source of inspiration.

Founded by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the TKP/ML struggles for more then 46 years now, on the foundation laid by him, against the exploitation and oppression forced on the peoples of Turkey and the world by imperialism. Through his struggle and his sacrifice Comrade Kaypakkaya is for eternity rooted in the consciousnesses of the international proletariat. His insistence do develop People’s War in every circumstances; his insistence, to apply the teaching of Chairman Mao and especially his insistence in relentlessly struggling against revisionism are a shining example for us.

“In order to launch the armed struggle”, said Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in the struggle against the Shefak revisionists, “our gentlemen demand that the prairie be dried. This is yet another theory invented for the purpose of postponing the armed struggle for years. Against this rightist theory, the Marxist-Leninists upheld the following: The prairie must be set ablaze from those regions which are dry. That is, in those regions where the conditions are favorable, the armed struggle must be launched and launched immediately. Those regions of the prairie which are not yet dry will be scorched by the fire of the armed struggle raging in other regions. And as our organization grows bigger and stronger, it will extend into those regions and undertake the armed struggle there.”

We, as communist in formation within the FRG assume this task. In this context we salute the firm stance of the Central Committee of the TKP/ML for the independence of the Party and the necessity to insist in its leadership in the front as well as the application of the electoral boycott policy. And also, in that the sole path for the liberation of the proletariat and the peoples within the Turkish state, as well as in the world as a whole, is People’s War.

In this sense, we also salute the efforts made by the comrades from Latin America that today struggle for the reunification of the communists on world level as part and in service of the Proletarian World Revolution. Doubtlessly the necessity of a Unified International Conference on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the struggle against Imperialism and Revisionism as well as for the Proletarian World Revolution exists. The actions that were carried out jointly in the context of the 200. Years Campaign are a contribution to flatten the way for this and to actually unite the Maoists on world level on the basis of theory and practice. Hence, we call all comrades to, in this sense, attend the international celebration on occasion of the 200. Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Marx in the FRG!

Eternal Glory Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!
Long Live the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist!
Long Live the ongoing New Democratic Revolution in the Turkish State!
Victory to the People’s War!


Committee Red Flag

May 2018