Comrades of the Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction have send greetings to the celebrations organized by the comrades of Partizan in Basel (Switzerland) and St. Pölten (Austria) that we will hence document:

Greeting of the Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction in the occasion of the fall in combat of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

Long Live Ibrahim Kaypakkaya! Long Live the People’s War!

The Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction send the warmest greeting to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist – TKP/ML - CC, to the commanders and combatants of the Workers and Peasants Guerrilla Army – TIKKO, as well as the heroic Turkish and Kurdish masses who struggle under its leadership, developing the revolutionary armed struggle as People’s War passing through 45 years of the fall in combat of the great Communist leader, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.

We, communists of Brazil, who struggle to finish the reconstitution of the Communist Party and initiate the People’s War in our country serving the World Revolution, raise our red flags for the memory of the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and we greet the shining path opened by him.
Ibrahim Kaypakkaya armed the proletariat of Turkey by establishing the bases and guides that paved the path of the People’s War. Kaypakkaya upheld the necessity of the heroic combatant and the Communist Party gifted with the scientific and almighty ideology of the proletariat, today marxism leninism maoism, principally maoism, as central and principal instrument to develop revolution until victory.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya upheld the principle that “power grows from the barrel of a gun” and dared to storm the heavens by initiating the revolutionary armed struggle as People’s War as the only path to develop and triumph the New Democracy Revolution. Demonstrating the principle that one people “that does not have an army, have nothing”, the true communists of Turkey through the heroic TIKKO, have kept the path of the proletarian revolution by defeating revisionism, liquidationism and other right deviations.

Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya established the cornerstone of the marxist class analysis of the Turkish society, establishing the role of the peasantry as the main force and the fundamental importance the Kurdish national question has for the democratic revolution, valid contributions for the Revolution in Turkey and extremely important for the revolution in other countries of the so called expanded Middle East.  

Defending his legacy is to defend the Communist Party, is to defend the path of the New Democracy Revolution through People’s War to defeat the old bureaucratic big landowner State and the imperialist domination, and with this secure the right for national self determination for the Kurdish nation.

The flag hoisted by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya is the flag of Maoism and the People’s War. This flag is the flag of the international proletariat and once hoisted it will never be lowered.

Dear comrades,

These glorious principles, which were defended and applied by the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, have never being so much valid. As we affirmed in the joint declaration of Maoist Parties and Organizations in this first of May of 2018:

“The general crisis of decomposition of imperialism keeps sharpening and in the next years and decades it will keep producing disruptions of growing magnitudes, bringing unheard suffering to the popular masses in the whole world and provoking, consequently, the most ferocious resistance and justified rebellion. The drama of millions of refugees afflicted by the wars of aggression and genocides shows the true face of the imperialist “civilization”, imperialism is a cancer and the peoples of the world do not need it. Imperialism has no other destiny but to fail successively, as the people is condemned to triumph inevitably. Thus it needs the proletarian vanguard to make it true as soon as possible!

(…) The corruption scandals throughout the whole world, despite pointing out the rotten nature of these governments, show the growing personal unity among the representatives of big monopolist corporations and the State power. The bourgeois elections, as means to legitimate the old order, are increasingly discredited, without legitimacy and wake the spontaneous rejection of the masses, showing the exhaustion of the general offensive of the counterrevolution.”

“Thus, the world situation demonstrates an enormous potential in which the communist movement is reappearing with renewed strength. To transform this potential strength of the International Communist Movement the World Proletarian Revolution needs the constitution/reconstitution of marxist-leninist-maoist communist parties to transform the current armed struggles of national liberation into People’s Wars, to make the revolution of New Democracy, unleash new People’s Wars for the Revolution of New Democracy or Socialist Revolution according to each case (oppressed countries and developed capitalist countries respectively), and, through successive Proletarian Cultural Revolutions, to transit the whole world into  Shining Communism..”

Joint declaration of Maoist Parties and Organizations on the occasion of the First of May 2018

The People’s Wars like the one in Turkey, to which the People’s Wars in India, Peru, Turkey and Philippines are added, which persist defeating the campaigns of siege and annihilation of the enemy, as well as its “peace agreement and capitulation” policies to liquidate the Party and the People’s War, are a great fortress and source of inspiration to the revolutionaries of the whole world.

Dear comrades,

In the midst of hard two lines struggle and class struggle against imperialism and all reaction, the ICM is overcoming the dispersion of forces and is reappearing with renewed strength.

Old opportunist and revisionist leaders, as well as its liquidationist accomplices are being unmasked and defeated by maoism. Throughout the world maoist organizations and parties flourish and develop with the goal to initiate the armed struggle as People’s War. The conditions for a new and powerful impulse for the World Revolution are formidably ripping through the initiation of new People’s Wars to come.

Revisionism is still the principal danger for the World Revolution and the International Communist Movement as such can not take a single step without combat it implacably and inseparable from the combat against imperialism and all reaction. Because of this, today, the international proletariat in hard struggle to sweep away imperialism and all reaction from the face of Earth, needs an ICM and a new International Organization of the proletariat, that serves to defend and spread maoist as the third, new and superior stage  of development of marxism, that serves the proletariat in the constitution/reconstitution of marxist-leninist-maoist Communist Parties, to seize Power and defend it through People’s War in the democratic and socialist revolutions, as well as to raise the defense, support and dissemination of the current People’s Wars, to organize the solidarity with the popular struggles and rebellions in the whole world.

Firmly uniting on the principles of maoism and the People’s War, maoist Parties and Organizations advance in fast pace toward the realization of a United Maoist International Conference that will give birth to a new International Organization of the Proletariat. This is an inexorable march.

In 01 and 05 of May, when our founder completed 200 years, the red flags of communism were hoisted in the same night coordinately in many countries of Latin America and Europe, including his birth town Triers. Thousands of masses marched under one single flag, single goal, single leadership, and single slogan: Proletarians of all countries, unite!

These actions were developed as part of the great World Campaign for the 200 years of the Great Karl Marx that the International Communist Movement is carrying forward. This great World Campaign will be raised with the great celebration for the 200 years of Karl Marx in June 30 in the north of Germany. This event will be a great happening that will mark these powerful advances of the international proletariat, with the presence of proletarian revolutionaries of the whole world.

This important celebration for the 45 years of the fall in combat of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya while reaffirming the principles of Maoism and the People’s War is a contribution to the great World Campaign and concretely serves for the reunification of the communists in the world and to propel the World Revolution.

Dear comrades,

In these 200 years of the birth of our founder and 170 years of the birth of the International Communist Movement, 45 years of the fall in combat of the great Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, we reaffirm that: “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win!”

Eternal honor and glory to Ibrahim Kaypakkaya!
Long live the TKP/ml – CC!
Long live marxism-leninism-maoism!
Down with revisionism of old and new types!
Defend the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war of the whole world!
For a United Maoist International Conference and the formation of a New International Organization of the Proletariat!
Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo, with People’s War!
Long live the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution!
Down with Imperialist War! Long live the invincible People’s War!

Communist Party of Brazil – Red Fraction

May 2018