We publish a report on the Women's Struggle Day in Leipzig, which was sent to us:

In Leipzig on 08 March several events took place on the occasion of the Women's Struggle Day. One of these was a demonstration with a fighting spirit that started at 6 p.m. at "Sachsenbrücke". There were about 50 participants. In the speeches, the history of March 8 was mainly referred to. Some slogans were raised, which upheld proletarian feminism, as well as anti-imperialist standpoints. The workers' newspaper "Rote Post" was sold and about 100 leaflets, on which the appeal of the "Rote Frauenkomitee" (Red Women's Committee) was printed, were distributed. The rally was able to march successfully to its end point.

2023 Leipzig Frauenkampftag 2

There were also reports that the appeal of the Red Women's Committee was spread in the workers' district Grünau and in the university.

2023 Leipzig Frauenkampftag Grünau