Following the call of the Red Women’s Committee – FRG, on Wednesday, on the occasion of this year's International Women’s Day of Struggle, a contingent of proletarian revolutionaries participated in the anti-capitalist bloc of the main demonstration in Cologne, which was launched by a broad 8th of March alliance. About 5000 people took part in the demonstration as a whole.

The demonstration started as a rally with music and speeches at 17:00 at Roncalliplatz near the main train station and moved from 18:30 through downtown Cologne to Clodwigsplatz. The anti-capitalist block, organized by the Open Feminist Meeting Cologne, led the demonstration with a loud and combative spirit. Many good and explicitly anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist slogans were raised. Hundreds of leaflets with the slogan “Women, combat and resist: against the wave of price increase and militarism!” were distributed during the demonstration and some were hung up in Cologne beforehand. During the demonstration, various blocks ignited some pyrotechnics and hung up banners along the route.

Towards the end of the demonstration, a spontaneous demonstration formed from the final rally point on, which was then briefly held up and kettled by the police. The participants kept their morale high and eventually managed to enforce their rejoining of the final rally without any direct arrests or controls. Only after the demo did the police dare to carry out further harassment against the participants and arrested one person, according to information shared by the organizers online.

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