Appropriately named is the company that produces the new analysis tool for Germany's police: "Palantir", like the seeing stones used in the Lord of the Rings by the dark lord Sauron, among other things to spy on his enemies and bend them to his will.

This company from the USA sells its tool VeRA (Procedural Research and Analysis), which is already used in Hesse, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. This spring, the Bavarian government signed a framework agreement with the company, which allows all other states, as well as all federal governments, to buy the tool without further competitive bidding. The tool is based on the software Gotham and has exactly the same goal as the Tagesschau still formulates as a question: It creates the completely transparent human being for the police. Namely, the tool is supposed to be used to bring together the regular database of the police with other official databases. These include the weapons register, residents' registration data and the central register of foreigners. It will also be possible to manually feed in other data, such as airline passenger data. There is a good reason why this data is stored in different places, as the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security for Baden-Württemberg also notes. The softening of this standard goes hand in hand with an increasing reactionarization of the German state apparatus.

This opens up completely new possibilities for monitoring the people, and the rulers are correspondingly enthusiastic about it. In Bremen and Baden-Württemberg, the future use of the tool is currently being examined. The LKA Hamburg has also expressed interest in the software as part of the "Police 2020" project.

In addition, the framework in which VeRA may be used is not defined at all. The LKA Bavaria says "Our goal is to make the analysis capability of the police to fight and prosecute serious and organized crime and terrorism even more successful and faster". That is all.
What is meant by fighting terrorism in this country can be imagined by looking at the various 129 trials against numerous left-wing organizations, while the proceedings against armed fascist networks are simply discontinued.

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